fancywork 1.0.3
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fancywork #

Module for working with palette

It can:

  1. find palette item (DMC) by code. Example: final dmc = findDmcByCode('Black');

  2. get delta E (CIE76) between two LABs. Example: final deltaE = getDeltaE(lab1, lab2);

  3. find nearest palette item (DMC) by LAB. Example: final item = findNearestPalette(lab, kDmcValues);

  4. get average color for multiple items. final rgba = getAvgColor(colors);

  5. get LAB of color. final lab = rgbaToLab(rgba);

Getting Started #

For help getting started with Flutter, view our online documentation.

Testing #

flutter test test/entry_point.dart