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Package to connect to some of the Fake Store API endpoints

Fake Store API Package #

This package provides an easy way to interact with a portion of the Fake Store API (https://fakestoreapi.com). It includes models, services, and repository implementations to fetch data from the API.

Features #

  • Fetch list of products
  • Fetch a specific product by ID
  • Fetch categories
  • Error handling using the dartz library

Important #

Ensure you inject a ProductRepository instance at a high level in your widget tree, before trying to access available features.

Installation #

Add fake_store_api to your pubspec.yaml:

  fake_store_api: ^1.0.0

Usage #

Package currently supports 3 endpoints to obtain data from.

Fetching Products #

To fetch a list of products, use the ProductRepository.getProducts()

Fetching Product by ID #

To fetch a specific product by its ID, use the ProductRepository.getProductById(productId)

Fetch categories #

To fetch different products categories, use the ProductRepository.getCategories()

Example #

An example Flutter app demonstrating how to use this package can be found in the example directory. To run the example app:

  1. cd example
  2. flutter run

Version Information #

  • Flutter 3.19.6 (Channel stable)
  • Dart 3.3.4 (stable)
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Package to connect to some of the Fake Store API endpoints

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