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Generator for Fabric

Fabric #

Fabric is a dependency injection library. Using a generator, it can automate the task of wiring dependencies for you.

Features #

  • A central registry for registering dependencies
  • A generator to automatically generate wiring code

Getting started #

Add the Fabric libraries to pubspec.yaml:

  fabric_metadata: 0.0.1
  fabric_manager: 0.0.1

  build_runner: ^2.1.10
  fabric_generator: 0.0.1

Usage #

Add the @managed annotation to the classes you want to manage dependencies for:

class FooService {
  final FooRepository repository;

class PostgresqlFooRepository implements FooRepository {

Generate wiring code:

dart pub get
dart run build_runner build 

Import the generated code and get the stuff you need:

import 'fabric.g.dart';

main() {
  var fabric = createFabric();
  var service = fabric.getInstance<FooService>();