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Allows accessing the SafetyNet reCaptcha API for android devices in flutter.

f_grecaptcha #

This simple flutter plugin allows using the SafetyNet API on Android devices to verify that the user is human.

Using the plugin #

Preparations #

First, include the plugin in your project's dependencies by including it in the relevant section of your pubspec.yaml:

  f_grecaptcha: ^1.0.0

Next, you wil need to register your app in the reCAPTCHA admin console. Go to https://www.google.com/recaptcha/admin#list and register by filling out the form. Be sure to select "reCAPTCHA-Android" as the type. A form field asking for your Android package name will appear. You can copy it from the manifest file located under android/app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml in your project directory. It is the value of the package attribute of the root XML-tag. You can also visit the instructions page from the android documentation for a more detailed guide, only the section "Adding a SafetyNet API dependency" is relevant, the plugin will do the rest.

Verifying users #

After having your app registered with the reCAPTCHA API, you can invoke the following method anywhere in your dart code, most commonly after a button has been pressed. Replace SITE_KEY with the site key the admin interface shows after registering your app.

 FGrecaptcha.verifyWithRecaptcha(SITE_KEY).then((result) {
    // You can send the result token, along with some form fields, to your
    // server, which can verify the token using an endpoint proved by the
    // reCAPTCHA API for servers, see https://developers.google.com/recaptcha/docs/verify
    }, onError: (e, s) {
    // An error doesn't have to mean that the user is not a human. Errors
    // can also occur when the sitekey is invalid or does not match your
    // application, when the device is not supported or when a network
    // error occurs.
    // You should inform the user of errors, explaining why they can't
    // proceed. As the plugin is not available for iOS, you might consider
    // skipping the reCAPTCHA step when FGrecaptcha.isAvailable is false.
    print("Could not verify:\n $e at $s");

Server-side verification #

Simply checking that FGrecaptcha.verifyWithRecaptcha returned a value is not enough to be sure that the user is a human. Instead, you would have to verify the token returned in your applications backend server. You can accomplish that by following the instructions at https://developers.google.com/recaptcha/docs/verify.

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Allows accessing the SafetyNet reCaptcha API for android devices in flutter.

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