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A flutter plugin to perform a share with an optional subject

Extended Share plugin #

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A flutter plugin for sharing with an optional subject.

Why another plugin? #

The flutter team's Share plugin doesn't support anything but sharing basic text. I wanted to be able to add a subject as well.

There are other plugins that could do this but they didn't seem to be consistent between android & ios, or they used Kotlin/Swift. Swift is fine since I'm already using it, but I didn't want to incur the overhead of adding kotlin to my app. So I decided to write a simple plugin that does sharing, in obj-c and java, with an optional subject.

Usage #

Usage is very simple. Add extended_share to your pubspec.

Then import the library with:

import 'package:extended_share/extended_share.dart';

Then invoke the static share method anywhere in your Dart code:

ExtendedShare.share(text: 'some text to be shared', subject: 'a subject to be shown');

You can choose not to use a subject in which case it will just share the text.

Future #

If anyone else needs to do something that the basic share plugin doesn't support, I encourage them to add an issue asking for it (although I have pretty limited time to work on this) or even better do a PR to add it (but still using only obj-c and java), that way this plugin can become more useful!

License #

While I wrote all of this code character by character, I did occaisionally refer to its code of the flutter team's share plugin, and as such should probably reference it here. Anyone modifying this code should take into account that it might fall under the original licence of that code, which can be found at: https://github.com/flutter/plugins/blob/master/packages/share.

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A flutter plugin to perform a share with an optional subject

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