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Dart/Flutter communication package based on events

Evento #

A super simple implementation of the pub-sub pattern in the format of a mixin. It allows you to subscribe and dispatch events from everywhere.


For the StatelessWidget the EventoStatelessWidget mixin only adds the dispatch method while for the StatefulWidget's state Evento adds on and dispatch. It doesn't make sense to subscribe for something when you are working on a StatelessWidget. That's because it can't be re-rendered based on data. Only on a relation with its parent. Also there is no good mechanism for unsubscribing. Evento does a cleanup itself when the State class is disposed.

  • dispatch(String type, [data]) - type is the name of the event and data is an optional payload.
  • on(String type, Function listener) - type is the name of the event and listener is a function that accepts object of type EEvent. It has type (again a string) and data which is the payload (if any) used in dispatched.

Additionally the library offers a simple pub-sub implementation as a standalone class. No Flutter involved. Check out the example below.

Example #

Using with Flutter.

import 'package:evento/evento.dart';

class A extends StatelessWidget with EventoStatelessWidget {
  Widget build(context) {
    return MaterialButton(onPressed: () {
      dispatch('foo', 'world');

class B extends StatefulWidget {
  State createState() => _B();

class _B extends State<B> with Evento {
  String value = 'Hey';
  void initState() {
    on('foo', (EEvent event) {
      setState(() {
        value = 'Hello ${event.data}';

  Widget build(context) {
    return Text(value);

Using standalone:

EventoChannel ch = new EventoChannel();
Function listener = (message) {
  print(message); // "Hello world"
Function remove = ch.addListener(listener);
ch.notify("Hello world");

// There are two ways to remove a listener.
// - calling the `removeListener` method of the channel
// - calling the function returned by the `addListener` method of the channel
remove(); // or ch.removeListener(listener)

// Stopping the channel to call listeners and accept new listeners.

// Removing all the added listeners so far.
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Dart/Flutter communication package based on events

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