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Compression framework providing FFI implementations for Brotli, Lz4, Zstd (Zstandard) with ready-to-use prebuilt binaries for Win/Linux/Mac.


Examples #

The examples provided in this directory serve three purposes:

  1. Provide users a consumable usage example for each codec.
  2. Provide codec implementors a simple demonstration of how to integrate with the compression framework.
  3. Provide an example/generator for those wishing to use this library for Android. See for instructions.

Codec Implementations #

An example is provided for each codec implementation.
Each example includes how to get the version number and usage of codecs in one-shot and streaming scenarios.
Below are the links to each codec implementation example:

Version Number

For FFI-based codec implementations, the version number:

  1. Is a simple call to demonstrate that the codec FFI is working.
  2. Gives assurance as to what exact OS library the program has bound to.


In simple cases, a List of bytes is available in memory which describes either data to compress or decompress.
In these cases, a selected Codec can be constructed and used to perform these operations in one call.
For example, the following shows a round-trip encode/decode of data using the brotli codec.

final codec = BrotliCodec();
final encoded = codec.encode(bytes);
final decoded = codec.decode(encoded);
assert(bytes == decoded);


There are many scenarios where holding larger input, and subsequent output, in memory would provide unfavorable performance and memory characteristics.
Other scenarios exist where it would be cleaner to integrate encoders/decoders into existing async stream flows.

In these scenarios, a streaming approach (via Dart's chunked conversion) is preferred and codec implementations from this library are designed to be compatible with it.
Below is the one-shot example from above, modified for streaming:

final codec = BrotliCodec();
bytesStream = asStream(bytes);
  .fold<List<int>>(<int>[], (buffer, data) {
    return buffer;
  }).then((decoded) {
    assert(bytes == decoded)

Compression Framework #

This library comes with an abstract compression framework which all provided codecs utilize.
The framework offers performant double-buffer codecs that orchestrate encoding/decoding of data.
It also provides a set of abstractions that implement the non-algorithmic details leaving the implementor free to focus on just providing the algorithm implementation.
The framework can accommodate both FFI and non-FFI based implementations.

For non-FFI based implementations that work in all contexts (including the web), import the framework.dart library.

import 'package:es_compression/framework.dart';

For FFI based implementations, import the framework_io.dart library.

import 'package:es_compression/framework_io.dart';

There is a design document that provides more details behind the framework.

Codec implementors that want to know more about how this is accomplished should look at the following example:

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Compression framework providing FFI implementations for Brotli, Lz4, Zstd (Zstandard) with ready-to-use prebuilt binaries for Win/Linux/Mac.

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