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Discover email server and their settings based on an email. Discover IMAP, POP, SMTP and related settings.

Discover email account settings everywhere.

Available under the commercial friendly MPL Mozilla Public License 2.0.

Installation #

Add this dependency your pubspec.yaml file:

  enough_mail_discovery: ^1.0.0

The latest version or enough_mail_discovery is enough_mail_discovery version.

Demo #

Check out https://enough.de/enough_mail_discovery/ for a web demo. Note that enough_mail_discovery can even detect more email setting on non-web systems that support TCP/IP Sockets.

API Documentation #

Check out the full API documentation at https://pub.dev/documentation/enough_mail_discovery/latest/

API Usage #

Just call Discover.discover(String emailAddress) to resolve the email address:

  /// Tries to discover mail settings for the specified [emailAddress].
  /// Optionally set [forceSslConnection] to `true` when not encrypted
  /// connections should not be allowed.
  /// Set [isLogEnabled] to `true` to output debugging information during
  /// the discovery process.
  /// Set [isWeb] to `true` when running on the web platform. Use the
  /// `kIsWeb` constant from `package:flutter/foundation.dart` when called
  /// from Flutter.
  static Future<ClientConfig?> discover(
    String emailAddress, {
    bool forceSslConnection = false,
    bool isLogEnabled = false,
    bool isWeb = false,

Example for command line:

import 'package:enough_mail_discovery/enough_mail_discovery.dart';

void main() async {
  const email = 'someone@enough.de';
  final config = await Discover.discover(email, isLogEnabled: false);
  if (config == null) {
    print('Unable to discover settings for $email');
  } else {
    print('Settings for $email:');
    for (final provider in config.emailProviders!) {
      print('provider: ${provider.displayName}');
      print('provider-domains: ${provider.domains}');
      print('documentation-url: ${provider.documentationUrl}');

Tool Usage #

enough_mail_discovery contains the discover.dart tool in it's example folder. After cloning the project, run dart example/discover.dart email@domain.com to discover the email settings. Use the --log option to output more information during the discovery process, --ssl to enforce SSL usage and --preferred to only print the preferred incoming and outgoing servers.

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Miss a feature or found a bug? #

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.

Contribute / Develop #

Want to contribute? Please check out contribute. This is an open-source community project. Anyone, even beginners, can contribute.

This is how you contribute:

  • Fork the enough_mail_discovery project by pressing the fork button.
  • Clone your fork to your computer: git clone github.com/$your_username/enough_mail_discovery
  • Do your changes. When you are done, commit changes with git add -A and git commit.
  • Push changes to your personal repository: git push origin
  • Go to enough_mail_discovery and create a pull request.

Thank you in advance!

After changing model classes, re-run the JSON serialization by calling flutter pub run build_runner build --delete-conflicting-outputs.

License #

enough_mail_discovery is licensed under the commercial friendly Mozilla Public License 2.0.

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Discover email server and their settings based on an email. Discover IMAP, POP, SMTP and related settings.

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