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A library to interact with ECHONET Lite Web API (v1.3.0). It uses http.Client library and supports parse returned data into corresponding objects.

EchonetLiteWebAPIClient #

A ECHONET Lite Web API Client written for dart

This client implements the ECHONET Lite Web API Guideline version 1.1.4. The client is an http client that supports parsing JSON results replied from a ECHONET Lite Web API server into dart objects. The current version supports all devices defined in the Device Description v1.4.0.

Features #

  • Get a list of device (abstracted information only) that is currently available at the Web API server

final  RegisteredDeviceList  devList = await  client.getRegisteredDevices();

for (final  Profile  profile  in  devList.profiles) {
  • Fetch a list of device resources
final  List<EchonetLiteDevice>? devices =
await  client.fetchRegisteredDevicesResources(devList);
if (devices != null) {
	for (final  EchonetLiteDevice  dev  in  devices) {
		if (dev.runtimeType == TemperatureSensor) {
			final  TemperatureSensor  temperatureSensor = dev  as  TemperatureSensor;
  • Get device resources by type
final  List<EchonetLiteDevice>? temperatureSensors =
await  client.getDeviceResourcesByType(DeviceType.temperatureSensor, null);
if (temperatureSensors != null) {
for (final  EchonetLiteDevice  sensor  in  temperatureSensors) {
final  TemperatureSensor  temperatureSensor = sensor  as  TemperatureSensor;
final  TemperatureSensor  sensor =
await  client.getTemperatureSensor('temperatureSensor1653899075894947');
  • Set a device with pair of {property: value}
bool  setResult = await  client.setOperationStatus('generalLighting1653899076208582', false);
// Or
bool  setResult2 = await  client.setPropertyNameWithValue('generalLighting1653899076208582','operationStatus', false);

Supported devices #

  • airCleaner
  • airConditionerVentilationFan
  • bathHeatingStatusSensor
  • bathroomHeaterDryer
  • co2Sensor
  • coldOrHotWaterHeatSourceEquipment
  • commercialAirConditionerIndoorUnit
  • commercialAirConditionerOutdoorUnit
  • commercialShowcase
  • commercialShowcaseOutdoorUnit
  • controller
  • cookingHeater
  • currentSensor
  • electricEnergySensor
  • electricLock
  • electricRainDoor
  • electricWaterHeater
  • emergencyButton
  • enhancedLightingSystem
  • evCharger
  • evChargerDischarger
  • floorHeater
  • fuelCell
  • gasMeter
  • generalLighting
  • homeAirConditioner
  • humanDetectionSensor
  • humiditySensor
  • hvSmartElectricEnergyMeter
  • hybridWaterHeater
  • illuminanceSensor
  • instantaneousWaterHeater
  • lightingSystem
  • lvSmartElectricEnergyMeter
  • monoFunctionalLighting
  • powerDistributionBoardMetering
  • pvPowerGeneration
  • refrigerator
  • riceCooker
  • smartElectricEnergySubMeter
  • storageBattery
  • switch
  • temperatureSensor
  • tv
  • ventilationFan
  • vocSensor
  • washerDryer
  • waterFlowMeter
  • wattHourMeter

Usage #

  • See /example folder
  • Refer to /test/mock_web_api_server/responses/all_properties/{deviceType}.json for reponses that will be returned from the ECHONET Lite Web API server
  • Refer to /test/mock_web_api_server/expectedResults/parsed_devices.dart for more usage examples.

Additional information #

  • Json serialization and deserialization files {deviceType}.g.dart are auto-generated.
  • Typo mistakes were reported to the ECHONET Lite Web API Working group and will be corrected in the future release. Therefore, the coldOrHotWaterHeatSourceEquipment and instantaneousWaterHeater might not work with the current ECHONET Lite Web API server (v1.3.0).

Contributing #

Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

Please make sure to provide tests as appropriate.

License #

  • BSD 3, See LICENSE
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A library to interact with ECHONET Lite Web API (v1.3.0). It uses http.Client library and supports parse returned data into corresponding objects.

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