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A dropdown date picker package for date selection like year, month and day.

DropdownDatePicker #

Easy to use flutter package to get and set dates. The package builds DropdownButton widgets to set dates (year, month, day).

Table of contents #

Visual examples #


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Date classes #

ValidDate #

Makes sure that the given date is valid. Asserts an error if not. Params: year: int, month: int, day: int


ValidDate(year: 2010, month: 10, day: 12); // it is valid
ValidDate(year: null, month: 13, day: 11); // throws assertion because of the null year, and invalid month value

NullableValidDate #

This works just as ValidDate but it is allowed to have null year, month and/or day value.

Date #

ValidDate and NullableValidDate is derived from this abstract class.

Required parameters #

firstDate: The minimum date that can be selected.

lastDate: The maximum date that can be selected.

Note: firstDate must be before lastDate.

Optional parameters #

initialDate: It's default value is NullableValidDate(year: null, month: null, day: null). Which means that no date is selected initially. If this parameter is omitted a default hintText will be shown in their DropdownButton widgets.


initialDate: ValidDate(year: 2010, month: 10, day: 12); // make sure the date is between firstDate and lastDate
initialDate: NullableValidDate(year: null, month: 13, day: 11); // it also can be a NullableValidDate

Note: By passing an initialDate make sure if it is a valid date and it must be between the range of first and last date. Else it will result an assertion error.

ascending: Determines how the DropdownMenuItems will be built (In ascending or descending order).

dateFormat: By default it is DateFormat.ymd. Use DateFormat.mdy or DateFormat.dmy to change it.

dateHint: Set your own hintTexts for the DropdownButton's.

dateHint: DateHint(year: 'year', month: 'month', day: 'day'); // by default params are: 'yyyy', 'mm', 'dd',

dropdownColor: Overrides the default color of DropDownButton's DropdownMenuItems.

textStyle: Replaces the DropdownButton's default TextStyle.

underLine: Replaces the DropdownButton's default underLine Widget.

Examples #

The following example will create a DropdownDatePicker instance with only the required parameters.

final now = DateTime.now();

  firstDate: ValidDate(year: now.year - 100, month: 1, day: 1),
  lastDate: ValidDate(year: now.year, month: now.month, day: now.month),

Passing optional parameters.

final datePicker = DropdownDatePicker(
  firstDate: ValidDate(year: 2005, month: 01, day: 01),
  lastDate: ValidDate(year: 2020, month: 12, day: 12),
  initialDate: NullableDate(year: 2010, month: null, day: 24),
  ascending: false,
  dateFormat: DateFormat.dmy,
  dateHint: DateHint(year: 'year', month: 'month', day: 'day'),
  dropdownColor: Colors.red,
  underLine: ... // instance of Widget

Retrieve datepicker instance values like this:


DateUtil class: #

  • isLeapYear(year): bool
  • daysInDate(month, year): int
  • isValidDate(year, month, day): bool
  • isNullableValidDate(year, month, day): bool
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A dropdown date picker package for date selection like year, month and day.

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