draw_on_image_plugin 0.1.0
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Flutter plugin for drawing text on images.

draw_on_image_plugin #

Flutter plugin for drawing text on images.

Getting Started #

Just create plugin instance

DrawOnImagePlugin _plugin = DrawOnImagePlugin();

Then create data class with draw parameters like font size, padding, color and so on:

var writeData = WriteImageData(
  left: left,
  right: right,
  top: top,
  bottom: bottom,
  color: color.value,
  fontSize: size

Only two paramaters : text and imageBytes are required the rest are optional. After that just pass that data to plugin:

String path = await _plugin.writeTextOnImage(writeData);

You will receive a path to new image with your text above it. Your code is responsible for managing (move, rename, delete) the newly created file.

More details in example.