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A flutter package to allow drag-and-drop reordering of two-level lists.

drag_and_drop_lists #

Two-level drag and drop reorderable lists.

Features #

  • Reorder elements between multiple lists
  • Reorder lists
  • Drag and drop new elements from outside of the lists
  • Vertical or horizontal layout
  • Use with drag handles, long presses, or short presses
  • Expandable lists
  • Can be used in slivers
  • Prevent individual lists/elements from being able to be dragged
  • Easy to extend with custom layouts

Known Issues #

There is currently (as of flutter v. 1.24.0-1.0.pre) an issue only on web where dragging an item with some descendant that includes an InkWell widget with an onTap method will throw an exception. This includes having a ListTile with an onTap method defined.

This seems to be resolved by using a GestureDetector and its onTap method instead of the InkWell.

See the following issues:

Usage #

To use this plugin, add drag_and_drop_lists as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file. For example:

  drag_and_drop_lists: ^0.2.1

Now in your Dart code, you can use: import 'package:drag_and_drop_lists/drag_and_drop_lists.dart';

To add the lists, add a DragAndDropLists widget. Set its children to a list of DragAndDropList. Likewise, set the children of DragAndDropList to a list of DragAndDropItem. For example:

  // Outer list
  List<DragAndDropList> _contents;

  void initState() {

    // Generate a list
    _contents = List.generate(10, (index) {
      return DragAndDropList(
        header: Text('Header $index'),
        children: <DragAndDropItem>[
            child: Text('$index.1'),
            child: Text('$index.2'),
            child: Text('$index.3'),

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    // Add a DragAndDropLists. The only required parameters are children,
    // onItemReorder, and onListReorder. All other parameters are used for
    // styling the lists and changing its behaviour. See the samples in the
    // example app for many more ways to configure this.
    return DragAndDropLists(
      children: _contents,
      onItemReorder: _onItemReorder,
      onListReorder: _onListReorder,

  _onItemReorder(int oldItemIndex, int oldListIndex, int newItemIndex, int newListIndex) {
    setState(() {
      var movedItem = _contents[oldListIndex].children.removeAt(oldItemIndex);
      _contents[newListIndex].children.insert(newItemIndex, movedItem);

  _onListReorder(int oldListIndex, int newListIndex) {
    setState(() {
      var movedList = _contents.removeAt(oldListIndex);
      _contents.insert(newListIndex, movedList);

For further examples, see the example app or view the example code directly.

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A flutter package to allow drag-and-drop reordering of two-level lists.

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