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Flutter client for the dizzbase node.js realtime database backend.

dizzbase Flutter client #

dizzbase is a realtime postgreSQL backend-as-a-service for node.js express servers. Clients (flutter/dart or JavaScript/React) can send query that are automatically updated in realtime.

dizzbase can be an alternative to self-hosting supabase if a lightweight and easy to install solution is needed. Also, it can be used instead of firebase if you need a relational rather than document database.

This package is the dart/flutter client for dizzbase - see https://www.npmjs.com/package/dizzbase for instruction on how to install/run the node.js backend with PostgreSQL.

Features #

Provides a real-time feed to database queries via a dart Stream. Using a flutter StreamBuilder the widget content is automatically updated whenever the data in the database changes. The flutter/dart client also provides interface to update/insert/delete postgresql data and to directly send SQL statments.

Getting started #

The client works with the dizzbase backend-as-a-services. Install and configure dizzbase on your backend server: https://www.npmjs.com/package/dizzbase

Install the client: flutter pub add dizzbase_client

Import the package to your flutter app: import 'package:dizzbase_client/dizzbase_client.dart';

In the flutter apps main() function, call DizzbaseConnection.configureConnection(...) to configure your backend services URL and access token.

Take a look at the "Example" page on pub.dev to see how to use the API.

To understand how the dart/flutter dizzbase client works, please review the flutter demo client:


The README.md file of the demo client provides pointers on how to use the dizzbase_client API.

Note the initState() and dispose() overrides of the StatefulWidgets to see how to create and clean up the dizzbase connection and therefore to avoid backend memory leaks with long-running clients.

Usage #

Please refer to the demo widgets for details on how to use the client.

Additional information #

A JavaScript/React client might be available in the future.

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Flutter client for the dizzbase node.js realtime database backend.

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