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Listen to DispatchSource file events on iOS

DispatchSourceWatcher #

A package that provides (limited) file system monitoring using the DispatchSource API on iOS.

Features #

Listen to file system events iOS. This plugin is meant to bridge a gap that currently exists in the standard library, where watching file system changes on iOS is not currently supported (see flutter issue 99456)

Usage #

Create a watcher for the desired path

final watcher = DispatchSourceWatcher(path: '/tmp/dir1');

The watcher provides a (broadcast) stream that can be listened to:

final subscription = watcher.stream.listen((event) {
  print("receive event on path ${event.path}");

To stop listening to changes cancel the subscription:


Limitations #

The data provided by the notifications in this package is not very granular. In particular, when watching a directory, the events triggered when the directory hierarchy is modified do not contain the path of the file that was modified within that hierarchy - the path in the event is the path of the directory being watched.

Requires iOS 10.0+