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The unofficial SDK for Directus, provides REST API and authentication. Requires Flutter.

Directus SDK for Dart/Flutter #

Unofficial Directus SDK for Dart/Flutter that provides APIs for reading, creating, updating and deleting user and system data, authentication, and access to activity. This package is port of SDK for JS from here. Most methods are same as in JS, but there are some differences because of Dart type system.

Installation #

Add directus to dependencies in pubspec.yaml and run pub get or flutter pub get. More info can be found here.

Contributing #

Run code bellow before committing. Writing tests is welcomed, but not required.

flutter test
flutter format .

Getting started #

Create instance and initialize. You must run .init() for storage to be initialized. Otherwise, there DirectusError will be thrown.

directus #

This package requires Flutter since it's using shared_preferences for persisting data.

import 'package:directus/directus.dart';

final sdk = await Directus('http://localhost:8055')

directus_core #

This package does not require Flutter, but it does not know how to store data, so you have to pass it your custom storage that extends DirectusStorage. We provide memory storage, that holds your data in memory while app is live.

import 'package:directus_core/directus_core.dart';

// Provide your custom storage
final sdk = await DirectusCore('http://localhost:8055', storage: MemoryStorage())

Examples #

Singleton #

import 'package:directus/directus.dart';

await DirectusSingleton.init('http://localhost:8055')
final sdk = DirectusSingleton.instance;

Using collections #

Get Item by ID:

// ID must be `String` because Dart does not have union types.
final res = await sdk.items('users').readOne('someId');

Get Many Items

final users =  await sdk.items('users').readMany(Query(limit: 5, offset: 5)); => print(user['name']));

final firstThreeUsers = await DirectusSdk().items('users').readMany(
      filter: Filters({'id': Filter.isIn(['1', '2'])})
    ); => print(user['name']));

Create Single Item

final createdUser = await sdk.items('users').createOne({'name': 'Test'});

Create Many Items

final createdUsers = await sdk.items('users').createMany([{'name': 'Test'}, {'name': 'Two'}]);

Update Item by ID

final updatedUser = await sdk.items('users').updateOne(data: {'name': 'Test'}, id: '55');

Update Many Items

final updatedUsers = await sdk.items('users').updateMany(data: {'name': 'Test'}, ids: ['55']);

Delete Item by ID

await sdk.items('users').deleteOne('55');

Delete Many Items

await sdk.items('users').deleteMany(['55']);

Auth #

Is User Logged In

final isLoggedIn = sdk.auth.isLoggedIn;


await sdk.auth.login(email: '', password: 'password');


await sdk.logout();

Get Current User

// `currentUser` will be null if user is not logged in.
final user = await sdk.auth.currentUser?.read();

Update Current User

// `currentUser` will be null if user is not logged in.
final updatedUser = await sdk.auth.currentUser?.update({'name': 'Dart'});

Enable Two Factor Authentication

// `fta` will be null if user is not logged in.
await sdk.auth.tfa?.enable('current-password');

Disable 2FA

// `fta` will be null if user is not logged in.
await sdk.auth.fta?.disable('otp');

Request a Password Reset

await sdk.auth.forgottenPassword.request('');

Reset a Password

the token passed in the first parameter is sent in an email to the user when using request().

await sdk.auth.forgottenPassword.reset(token: 'some-token', password: 'new-password');

Activity #

Read Activity

final activity = await sdk.activity.readOne('some-id');
final activities = await sdk.activity.readMany(Query(limit: 10));


final comment = await sdk.activity.createComment(collection: 'posts',
                  item: 'some-id',
                  comment: 'Awesome post',

Change Comment

final updatedComment = await sdk.activity.updateComment(id: '50', comment: 'Awesome change!');

Remove comment

await sdk.activity.deleteComment('55');

Collections #

Same methods as sdk.items(collection).

final collections = sdk.collections;

Fields #

Same methods as sdk.items(collection).

final fields = sdk.fields;

Files #

Methods readOne, readMany, deleteOne, deleteMany are the same as in items(collection). There is currently experimental uploadFile method that is still not stable. There are not updateOne, updateMany, createOne and createMany.

final files = sdk.files;

Folders #

Same methods as sdk.items(collection).

final folders = sdk.folders;

Permissions #

Same methods as sdk.items(collection).

final permissions = sdk.permissions;

Presets #

Same methods as sdk.items(collection).

final presets = sdk.presets;

Relations #

Same methods as sdk.items(collection).

final relations = sdk.relations;

Revisions #

Same methods as sdk.items(collection).

final revisions = sdk.revisions;

Roles #

Same methods as sdk.items(collection).

final roles = sdk.roles;

Server #

Ping the Server

final pong = await;

Get Server/Project Info

final info = await;

Get the API Spec in OAS Format

final oas = await sdk.server.oas();

Settings #

Same methods as sdk.items(collection).

  final settings = sdk.settings;

Users #

Invite a New User

await sdk.users.invite(email: '', role: 'some-uuid');

Invite multiple users

await sdk.users.inviteMany(emails: [''], role: 'some-uuid');

Accept a User Invite

await sdk.users.acceptInvite(token: 'some-token', password: 'secret-password');

Utils #

Get a Random String

final randomString = await sdk.utils.randomString(15);

Generate a Hash for a Given Value

final hash = await sdk.utils.generateHash('value-to-hash');

Verify if a Hash is Valid

final correctHash = await sdk.utils.verifyHash('Some value.', 'hashed-value');

Sort Items in a Collection

This will move item 5 to the position of item 10, and move everything in between one "slot" up

await sdk.utils.sort(collection: 'users', itemPk: '5', toPk: '10');

Revert to a Previous Revision

The key passed is the primary key of the revision you'd like to apply

await sdk.utils.revert('25');
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The unofficial SDK for Directus, provides REST API and authentication. Requires Flutter.

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