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Plugin to list applications installed on an Android device (iOS is not supported). You can also monitor application changes (updates, uninstallation…)

Device Apps plugin for Flutter #


A plugin to list installed applications on an Android device (⚠️ iOS is not supported). You can also listen to app changes (eg: installations, updates…)

Change with Android 11 #

Starting with Android 11, Android applications targeting API level 30, willing to list "external" applications have to declare a new "normal" permission in their AndroidManifest.xml file called QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES. A few notes about this:

  • A normal permission doesn't require the user consent
  • Don't worry, this plugin automatically adds the permission for you

However, publishing applications on the Google Play with this kind of feature may change in the future. Quoting from the documentation:

In an upcoming policy update, look for Google Play to provide guidelines for apps that need the QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission.

👍 Right now, there is no limitation, but be aware that this may change in the future.

Getting Started #

First, you have to import the package in your dart file with:

import 'package:device_apps/device_apps.dart';

List of installed applications #

To list applications installed on the device:

List<Application> apps = await DeviceApps.getInstalledApplications();

You can filter system apps if necessary.

Note: The list of apps is not ordered! You have to do it yourself.

Get apps with a launch Intent #

A launch Intent means you can launch the application.

To list only the apps with launch intents, simply use the onlyAppsWithLaunchIntent: true attribute.

// Returns a list of only those apps that have launch intent
List<Application> apps = await DeviceApps.getInstalledApplications(onlyAppsWithLaunchIntent: true, includeSystemApps: true)

Get an application #

To get a specific application info, please provide its package name:

Application app = await DeviceApps.getApp('');

Check if an application is installed #

To check if an app is installed (via its package name):

bool isInstalled = await DeviceApps.isAppInstalled('');

Open an application #

To open an application (with a launch Intent)


Open an application settings screen #

To open an application settings screen


Include application icon #

When calling getInstalledApplications() or getApp() methods, you can also ask for the icon. To display the image, just call:


Listen to app changes #

To listen to applications events on the device (installation, uninstallation, update, enabled or disabled):

Stream<ApplicationEvent> apps = await DeviceApps.listenToAppsChanges();

If you only need events for a single app, just use the Stream API, like so:

DeviceApps.listenToAppsChanges().where((ApplicationEvent event) => event.packageName == '')
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Plugin to list applications installed on an Android device (iOS is not supported). You can also monitor application changes (updates, uninstallation…)

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