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This package enables Firebase OAuth on desktop via webview

Desktop webview auth #

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This package enables Firebase OAuth on desktop platforms via webview

Supported providers: #

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Installation #

macOS setup #

The recaptcha verification flow is done on the local server, and it requires that the app has the following in the Release.entitlements:


Linux setup #

To display webview on Linux, WebKit2GTK development libraries are used, if you don't have it already installed:


apt install libwebkit2gtk-4.0-dev


dnf install webkit2gtk3-devel

Additionally, if Flutter is installed using snap, you might face issues compiling the app, to fix you would need to uninstall the snap version and install Flutter manually on Linux.

Windows setup #

Make sure you are on latest stable channle of Flutter, and have installed the requirements as mentioned here.

Nothing extra is needed to get started on Windows.

Add dependency #

flutter pub add desktop_webview_auth

Imports #

import 'package:desktop_webview_auth/desktop_webview_auth.dart';
import 'package:desktop_webview_auth/google.dart';
import 'package:desktop_webview_auth/facebook.dart';
import 'package:desktop_webview_auth/twitter.dart';

Usage #

  • Configure OAuth providers in firebase console
  • Create an instance of ProviderArgs
final googleSignInArgs = GoogleSignInArgs(
  scope: 'email',
  • call DesktopWebviewAuth.signIn
try {
    final result = await DesktopWebviewAuth.signIn(args);

} catch (err) {
    // something went wrong
  • create an instance of OAuthCredential and sign in
import 'package:firebase_auth/firebase_auth.dart';

final credential = GoogleAuthProvider.credential(accessToken: result.accessToken)