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A package that provide interface to create/wrap database.

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Use this package to write compatible no sql database #

You will need to implement two class in order to have a compatible no sql database

The NoSqlDatabaseInterface #

For the Database we provide a NoSqlDatabaseInterface that allow you to do do action at differents step of the life of your database.

  • when a user open your database with the open() method
  • when a user close your database with the close() method
  • when a user want to open a collection with the collection('my_collection') method

You can find a fake no sql database here by it self this database does nothing. It just implement all the necessary method to be a valid database.

The CollectionInterface #

For the Collection we provide a CollectionInterface that allow you to do things on your collection like insert entry, update entry, etc

You can find a fake no sql collection here that interface does nothing but you get the idea.

How to deal with id #

Database has specific id to handle that we provide a class that must be used by the end user so it never deal with a database specific id. This class is DatabaseId just wrap a String where you can store the id of the specific database.

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A package that provide interface to create/wrap database.

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