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In-place substitute for Flutter's DataTable and PaginatedDataTable with fixed/sticky headers and few extra features

2.3.12 #

  • Added Flutter version constraint to be 3.7.0 or higher

2.3.11 #

  • Breaking change, Flutter SDK versions below 3.7.0 are not supported
  • Fixing Flutter 3.7.0 warnings

2.3.10 #

  • Added dividerThickness to paginated widgets
  • renderEmptyRowsInTheEnd now allows to override the default behaviour of paginated tables when empty rows are added in order to fill pages to page size

2.3.9 #

  • Added fixed sections params to PaginatedDataTable2 and AsyncPaginatedDataTable2 (fixedLeftColumns, fixedTopRows, fixedColumnsColor, fixedCornerColor)

2.3.8 #

  • Fixed horizontal divider not being displayed in fixed column cells when fixedColumnColor was defined
  • Aligned/refactored fixed sections colors (headingColor, fixedRowColor, fixedColumnColor)
  • Now headingColor is applied to all fixed rows, before it was only applied to all rows
  • Fixed colors now take precedence despite any color overrides (e.g. DataRow.color)
  • Added few golden tests

2.3.7 #

  • Row tap events now do not bubble onSelectChanged() event handler, yet it still fires if there's a checkbox column and a checkbox is clicked (PR #133)

2.3.6 #

  • Added sortArrowIcon and sortArrowAnimationDuration properties

2.3.5 #

  • Refactored scroll syncing approach, no static workaround and potential memleaks
  • Fixed locked scrolling when bouncing on iOS (#113)

2.3.4 #

  • Fix for #111, synchronized scroll position for left fixed column with core table when fixed column is added and core table is already scrolled

2.3.3 #

  • Fixed column width/applying border to heading rows in case there're no data rows provided (#108)

2.3.2 #

  • Fixed horizontal scrolling not working (jumping\stuttering with small shifts) on Android and iOS

2.3.1 #

  • Changed readme, added notes regarding putting the widgets inside scrollable and Column

2.3.0 #

  • Added fixed columns (DataTable2.fixedLeftColumns)
  • Number of fixed rows can now be changed (DataTable2.fixedTopRows)
  • Background color of fixed columns and fixed corner (when both fixed cols and rows are used)

2.2.3 #

  • Added Border and Zebra stripes sample, removed Borders sample
  • Refactored row/cell tap events, event bubbling added, no hovering effect is visible if there're no tap events in the tables

2.2.2 #

  • Added PaginatedDataTable2.headingRowColor property
  • DataColumn2.fixedWidth - set column's width as absolute value
  • Upgrade to Flutter 3.0 and Dart 2.17.0
  • Added flutter_lints
  • Changed constructors to inline super params

2.2.1 #

  • DataRow2.specificRowHeight allows overriding default row height for any row. The feature allows to have arbitrary heights of rows rather then same height for every row
  • Added example for DataRow2.specificRowHeight

2.2.0 #

  • Asynchronous data fetching model via AsyncDataTableSource and tailored widget AsyncPaginatedDataTable2, added related examples
  • Change of package exports (no need to import paginated_data_table_2.dart, data_table_2.dart now has all widgets)
  • Fixed broken initial sort arrow direction in column header after 1st rebuild, added default sorting example to PaginatedDataTable2
  • Draggable horizontal scroll bar Issues #42
  • More kinds of tap events on cells and rows

2.1.1 #

  • PaginatorController that allows externally control PaginatedDataTable2 state (e.g. switch pages, change page size etc.)
  • Custom paginator example for PaginatedDataTable2

2.1.0 #

  • autoRowsToHeight property on PaginatedDataTable2 that allows the widget to auto calculate page size depending on how much rows fit the height and allow to bypass vertical scrolling
  • More examples
  • Better test coverage
  • Aligned with Flutter 2.1.0 DataTable/PaginatedDataTable2 APIs

2.0.4 #

  • empty constructor param & property which defines allows to define placeholder widget to be displayed when there're no rows to be displayed
  • smRatio and lmRatio constructor params & properties which allow to defined width ratios of DataColumn2 S, M and L sizes
  • border constructor param & property allowing to define vertical an horizontal, inner and outer table borders

2.0.3 #

Added DataTable2.scrollController and PaginatedDataTable2.scrollController property, added scroll-up example

2.0.2 #

Added DataTable2.bottomMargin property

2.0.1 #

Fixed horizontalMargin (it was not accounted for when calculating column sizes, first and last columns where shrunk by this value)

2.0.0 #

Perf. optimization of, finishing off the package for roll-out to

2.0.0-dev.1 #

The very first release to

!NOTE: the package is based of Flutter 2.1 sources codes

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In-place substitute for Flutter's DataTable and PaginatedDataTable with fixed/sticky headers and few extra features

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