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A simple dart zeromq implementation/wrapper around the libzmq C++ library

1.0.0-dev.9 #

Include binaries for Android and Windows to streamline usage #

  • Add libzmq binaries for Android
  • Add libzmq binaries for Windows
  • Add counter to example and ip address of host machine

1.0.0-dev.8 #

Remove flutter dependencies #

  • Remove flutter dependencies (environment, sdk, flutter_test, flutter_lint)
  • Bump example dependencies

1.0.0-dev.7 #

Minor documentation improvements #

  • Fix rename of SocketMode to SocketType in README
  • Add receiving messages (ZMessage, ZFrame and payloads) to README and example
  • Override toString function in ZMessage and ZFrame for better debugging experience

1.0.0-dev.6 #

Free pointers before throwing a ZeroMQException #

  • Free pointers before throwing a ZeroMQException
  • Add return code to zmq_setsockopt function
  • Add return code check to ZSocket.setOption function
  • Add zmq_has function for checking supported capabilities
  • Add helper functions for zmq_has

1.0.0-dev.5 #

Fix destroying poller and loading shared library #

  • Rename SocketMode to SocketType
  • Add some steps on how to use dartzmq on Android
  • Address warnings in bindings.dart
  • Fix destroying poller (use **poller instead of *poller)
  • Add more class documentation
  • Fix loading shared library for orher platforms
  • Extend error messages
  • Add more socket options

1.0.0-dev.4 #

Fix heap corruption due to wrong usage of malloc.allocate #

  • Use periodic timer to poll sockets every second
  • Poll all messages on socket instead of one for each event to not loose messages
  • Reuse zeromq message pointer
  • Improve return code handling
  • Rename _isActive of ZContext to _shutdown
  • Rename _handle and _zmq of ZSocket to _socket and _context
  • Add stream for ZFrames to ZSocket
  • Always show error code in ZeroMQException
  • Fix pubspec of example

1.0.0-dev.3 #

Add example, subscriptions for sub sockets and code cleanup #

  • Add minimal working example
  • Rename ZmqSocket to ZSocket
  • Rename ZeroMQ to ZContext
  • Rename ZeroMQBindings tor ZMQBindings
  • Add subscribe(String topic) and unsubscribe(String topic) to manage subscriptions of sub sockets

1.0.0-dev.2 #

Add support for multipart messages #

  • Rename Message to ZFrame
  • Add ZMessage as a queue of ZFrame's
  • Receive messages as ZMessage instead of Message(ZFrame)
  • Reduce minimum SDK version to 2.13.0

1.0.0-dev.1 #

Add crude implementation of libzmq #

  • Creating sockets (pair, pub, sub, req, rep, dealer, router, pull, push, xPub, xSub, stream)
  • Sending messages (of type List<int>)
  • Bind (bind(String address))
  • Connect (connect(String address))
  • Curve (setCurvePublicKey(String key), setCurveSecretKey(String key) and setCurveServerKey(String key))
  • Socket options (setOption(int option, String value))
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A simple dart zeromq implementation/wrapper around the libzmq C++ library

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