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An Entity System Framework for game development. Based on Artemis.

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dartemis is a Dart port of the Entity System Framework Artemis.

The original has been written in Java by Arni Arent and Tiago Costa and can be found here: http://archive.is/1xRWW with the source available here: https://code.google.com/p/artemis-framework/

Ports for other languages are also available:

Some useful links about what an Entity System/Entity Component System is:

Getting started #

  1. Add dartemis to your project by adding it to your pubspec.yaml:

       dartemis: any
  2. Import it in your project:

     import 'package:dartemis/dartemis.dart';
  3. Create a world:

     World world = World();
  4. Create an entity from a list of components. Entities with different components will be processed by different systems:

       Position(0, 0), 
       Velocity(1, 1),

    A Component is a pretty simple structure and should not contain any logic:

     class Position extends Component {
         num x, y;
         Position(this.x, this.y);

    Or if you want to use a PooledComponent:

     class Position extends PooledComponent {
         late num x, y;
         factory Position(num x, num y) {
             Position position = Pooled.of<Position>(() => Position._())
               ..x = x
               ..y = y;
             return position;

    By using a factory constructor and calling the static function Pooled.of, dartemis is able to reuse destroyed components and they will not be garbage collected.

  5. Define a systems that should process your entities. The Aspect defines which components an entity needs to have in order to be processed by the system:

     class MovementSystem extends EntityProcessingSystem {
         late Mapper<Position> positionMapper;
         late Mapper<Velocity> velocityMapper;
         MovementSystem() : super(Aspect.forAllOf([Position, Velocity]));
         void initialize() {
           // initialize your system
           // Mappers, Systems and Managers have to be assigned here
           // see dartemis_builder if you don't want to write this code
           positionMapper = Mapper<Position>(world);
           velocityMapper = Mapper<Velocity>(world);
         void processEntity(int entity) {
           Position position = positionMapper[entity];
           Velocity vel = velocityMapper[entity];
           position.x += vel.x;
           position.y += vel.y;
  6. Add your system to the world:

  7. Initialize the world:

  8. In your game loop you then process your systems:


    If your game logic requires a delta you can set it by calling:

     world.delta = delta;

Documentation #


Reference Manual

Example Games using dartemis #

  • darteroids - Very simple example included in the example folder of dartemis, (Source)
  • Shapeocalypse - A fast paced reaction game using Angular, WebAudio and WebGL
  • damacreat.io - An iogame similar to agar.io about creatures made of dark matter (circles) consuming dark energy (circles) and other dark matter creatures (circles), which can shoot black holes (circles)
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An Entity System Framework for game development. Based on Artemis.

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