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Dart FFI bindings for FUSE

Dart FFI bindings for FUSE #

How to use #

Status #


  • [x] Pass in command line args to Fuse main()
  • [x] Library structure and example working for: getattr
  • [ ] Minimal implementation: open, read, readdir
  • [ ] Implement more common operations: create, write, unlink, mkdir, rmdir, release, rename, truncate, destroy
  • [ ] Full API from fuse.h

References #

Dart FFI #

The main docs for FFI

Tutorial for basics of using Dart FFI

Example code of how to pass in String (using Pointer<Utf8>)

This issue comment actually had one of the best, clearest examples of code to do callback into Dart from C, more so than the example code in the issue that tracked callback implementation.

Practical example of using existing C library including setup for mobile

How to pass String arrays from Dart to C

CMake #

Good explanation of basics of CMake file


Excellent tutorial with example code on basic use of FUSE in C including how to configure with CMake

The use in TabFS which inspired this package in first place