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Utility/Architecture Widgets for Dart Board (or other projects)

dart_board_widgets #

Generalized Architecture Widgets

These are the widgets I commonly use to facilitate dart board features. They've been packaged seperately to allow people to use them without the platform.

Boolean Builder #

Conditional Widget that will build one way or another based on a flag.

Useful for breaking out logic into the widget tree.

ChangeNotifierBuilder #

Builder's for change notifiers

Can use extension syntax on ChangeNotifier (e.g.) yourChangeNOtifier.builder((ctx, val) => )

Can also use ChangeNotifierBuilder2 & 3 variants to watch more notifiers. I include up to 3 for now which should cover most use cases.

ConvertorWidget #

A widget designed for ViewModel generation. Can optimize builds if you implement equals on your widgets, or cache your converted models.

LifeCycleWidget #

A widget for tapping into a stateful widgets life cycle. Very useful for App and Page decorations with dart board (e.g. fire a tracking event, start loading something, etc.)

PeriodicWidget #

A widget that lets you hook a callback into the widget tree.

WidgetStream #

The magic of async* in widget format. This lets you emit widgets, e.g.

WidgetStream((ctx) async * {
    yield Text('Loading');
    yield DetailsWidget(await loadData());

This is most useful for "loading" flows. E.g. if you need to do a bunch of async stuff you can use this to chain them together.

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Utility/Architecture Widgets for Dart Board (or other projects)

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