custom_image_picker 0.5.0
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A new Flutter plugin.

custom_image_picker #

A flutter plugin that allows you to retrieve the device's images and albums in order to customize your image picker depending on your needs.

Getting Started #

Add dependency #

  custom_image_picker: ^0.5.0

Usage #

Import the library #

import 'package:custom_image_picker/custom_image_picker.dart';

Get albums: #

List<PhoneAlbum> albums = [];
final customImagePicker = CustomImagePicker();
customImagePicker.getAllImages(callback: (retrievedAlbums) {
     albums = retrievedAlbums;

Each album contains the following data

class PhoneAlbum {
  final String id;
  final String name;
  final String coverUri;
  final int photosCount;

  PhoneAlbum(,, this.coverUri, this.photosCount);


Get photos of an album: #

List<PhonePhoto> imagesOfAlbum = [];
final customImagePicker = CustomImagePicker();
     albumID, // The id of the album you want to retrieve the images for
     page: page, // The page number defaults to '1', in each page the library returns 50 images of the album
     callback: (images) {

Each photo contains the following data

class PhoneAlbum {
  final String id;
  final String albumName;
  final String photoUri;

  PhonePhoto(, this.albumName, this.photoUri);


Platforms: #

The library works for both Android & iOS, but it doesn't support pagination for iOS yet, we are working on delivering this feature ASAP.

Where we are going with this #

We are currently trying to make more functions available to the package, so please feel free to add any suggestions in the issues