custom_google_map_markers 0.0.1
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custom marker popup for flutter google maps.

custom_map_markers #

custom marker infowindow and icons, tested on android only right now

you want to load icons somewhere before the widget draws

MarkerIcons.instance.loadIcon(assetPath, assetName)

Popup takes a widget, recommended constraints (100,150) usually you want to reuse the same popup

          markerId: id,
          position: latlng,
          icon: MarkerIcons.instance.[assetName],
          onTap: popup.onTap(
                       {@required BuildContext context,
                         @required GoogleMapController googleMapController,
                         @required LatLng position,
                         @required double popupWidth,
                         @required double popupOffset,
                         @required Widget widget,}

put PopupLayer in a Stack widget on top of the map like so
                  PopupLayer(popup, mapcontroller)
              onTap: popup.tapAway(),
              onCameraMove: popup.handleCameraMove(),

todo: example, docs, tests