core_elements 0.7.1+8


Polymer core-elements for Dart

Core elements #

Note: This package is for polymer.dart < 0.17

This package wraps the Polymer project's core elements, providing the following features:

  • Because the elements are bundled into a single pub package, you can add core_elements as a dependency in your pubspec. You don't need to install npm or bower.
  • Core elements that are either performance sensitive (like core-list) or use native objects that are difficult to use via dart:js (like core-ajax) have been ported to Dart.
  • The remaining core elements are wrapped with Dart proxy classes, making them easier to interact with from Dart apps.

You can find out more about core elements here:

Status #

This is an early access version of the core elements. The elements are still changing on both the JavaScript and Dart sides.

Using elements #

All elements live at the top level of the lib/ folder.

Import into HTML:

<link rel="import" href="packages/core_elements/core_input.html">

Or import into Dart:

import 'package:core_elements/core_input.dart';

Examples #

All examples are located in a separate repo,