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Display a material context menu using pure Flutter

contextmenu #

Display a beautiful material context menu using pure Flutter.

It works both on touch devices and on desktop devices.

See a demo here!

Features #

  • modern, emphasizing animation according to material design guidelines
  • handles screen edges and oversize

Getting Started #

You can easily display a context menu using the following code:

Widget build() {
  return ContextMenuArea(
    items: [
        title: Text('Option 1'),
        onTap: () {
              .showSnackBar(SnackBar(content: Text('Whatever')));
    child: Card(
      color: Theme
      child: Center(
        child: Text('Press somewhere for context menu.'),

A more complicated way manually triggering a context menu using showContextMenu() is:

Widget build() {
  return GestureDetector(
    onSecondaryTapDown: (details) => showContextMenu(
        details.globalPosition, context, items, verticalPadding, width),
    child: Text('Tap!'));

Setup web #

For the web, edit your index.html and add the following in the <body> tag:

<body oncontextmenu="return false;">

License #

This project is EUPL licensed. For further details, consult LICENSE.