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A Flutter plugin for picking a contact from the address book.

ContactPicker plugin for Flutter #

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With this plugin a Flutter app can ask its user to select a contact from his/her address book. The information associated with the contact is returned to the app.

This plugin uses the operating system's native UI for selecting contacts and does not require any special permissions from the user.

Currently, the plugin only supports picking phone numbers. However, it should be easy to extend the plugin to request other properties from a contact (e.g. addresses) or to obtain the entire record of a contact (PRs are welcome).

Using the plugin #

Follow the instructions in the Installing tab on pub.

After that, instantiate ContactPicker in your Flutter app and call selectContact on it to bring up the UI for selecting a contact. The function returns with the selected Contact object once the user has made a choice (or null if the user didn't select anything).

See example/lib/main.dart for an actual usage example.

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A Flutter plugin for picking a contact from the address book.

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