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Allows to configure Expansion Tile

Configurable Expansion Tile #

  1. It allows you to manually collapse, exapnd or toggle expansion tile
  2. It allows you to hide the default icon
  3. It allows you to disable click of the exapnsion tile
  4. It provides the onTap callback whenever the expansion tile gets clicked

Getting Started #

Exapnd, Collapse, Toggle Manually #

To do so, you need to create global key first.

final GlobalKey<ConfiguarableExpansionTileState> _globalKey = GlobalKey();

///To exapnd 

///To collapse

///To toggle

Properties #

/// use to hide the default trailing icon
bool hideIcon

///use to disable the click of the expansion tile
bool disabled

///use to listen click event once the expansion tile gets clicked.
VoidCallback onTap