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A modern HTTP server application framework, ORM and OAuth2 provider with OpenAPI 3.0 integration. Foundation for REST, RPC or GraphQL services.

4.1.6-rc.1 #

4.1.6 #

4.1.5 #

4.1.4 #

4.1.3 #

4.1.2 #

4.1.1 #

4.1.0 #

4.0.1 #

  • REFACTOR: Limit ci runs and uptick lint package (#160). (f8d1de60)

4.0.0 #

Note: This release has breaking changes.

  • BREAKING FEAT: Column naming snake-case (#153). (61e6ae77)

3.2.12 #

3.2.11 #

3.2.10 #

  • DOCS: Sort out licensing and contributors (#134). (1216ecf7)

3.2.9 #

  • REFACTOR: Apply standard lint analysis, refactor some nullables (#129). (17f71bbb)

3.2.8 #

  • REFACTOR: Run analyzer and fix lint issues, possible perf improvements (#128). (0675a4eb)

3.2.7 #

  • REFACTOR: Analyzer changes and publishing (#127). (034ceb59)

3.2.6 #

3.2.5 #

3.2.4 #

3.2.3 #

3.2.2 #

  • FIX: setup auto publishing pipeline format fixes. (e94d6fb7)

3.2.1 #

  • FIX: setup auto publishing pipeline format fixes. (b6124ee9)

3.2.0 #

  • REFACTOR: use melos for mono-repo management. (125099c5)
  • FEAT: Works with latest version of dart (2.19), CI works, websockets fixed, melos tasks added:wq. (9e3d1a41)

3.1.2 #

  • REFACTOR: use melos for mono-repo management. (125099c5)

3.1.1 #

  • REFACTOR: use melos for mono-repo management.
  • REFACTOR: use melos for mono-repo management.
  • CHORE: publish packages.

3.0.11 #

remove dcli dependency for conduit and dependencies

3.0.10 #

fix for non-path create cli

3.0.9 #

3.0.8 #

3.0.7 #

uptick version for multi release

3.0.5 #

Stable Release

2.0.0-b9 #

Fixed a bug with the conduit build command. We had left in dep overrides which should only be used for conduit internal dev.

2.0.0-b8 #

3rd attempt at first release.

Conduit #

2.0.0-b2 #

  • Stabilize with dependency changes
  • Add ssl capabilities

2.0.0-b1 #

  • Tooling tests pass

2.0.0-a3 #

  • Docs published
  • Unit tests passed

2.0.0-a2 #

  • Small clean up and fix templates

2.0.0-a1 #

  • Alpha release for Conduit NNBD included

  • Breaking changes Query.values can no longer be null as such to check if the set of values are empty you need to call Query.hasValues;

  • You can no longer set Query.values to null, instead use Query.clearValues().

Aqueduct #

3.3.0-b1 #

  • Adds 'conduit build' command that generates an executable binary of an conduit app, with some known issues
    • Windows is not currently supported.
    • Compilation will fail for files that import relative URIs and declare at least one type that is a subclass of any of ManagedObject, ApplicationChannel, Controller, ResourceController, Configuration.
      • Convert relative URI imports to package imports to resolve.
    • Body decoding behaviors such as<T> RequestBody.decode<T> have restrictions when running in compiled mode:
      • The type parameter T may be any of the five primitive types int, double, num, String, bool; Map<String, T> where T is a primitive, and List<T> where T is a primitive or Map<String, dynamic>.
      • These restrictions apply to the type of a @Bind.body parameter (you may also bind Serializable and List<Serializable>).

3.2.2-dev #

  • #723 Fixes issue that prevented the AuthServer from granting tokens with sub-scopes when the servers AuthServerDelegate.getAllowedScopes() didn't return AuthScope.any.
  • Deprecates AuthScope.allowsScope(), use AuthScope.isSubsetOrEqualTo() instead.

3.2.1 #

  • Fixes issue when using QueryReduce inside a transaction.
  • Fixes issue when generating an OpenAPI document with ManagedObjects that have enumerated properties
  • Fixes is sue when generating an OpenAPI document with List

3.2.0 #

  • Adds read method to Serializable for filtering, ignoring or rejecting keys.
  • Fixes issues with Dart 2.1.1 mirror type checking changes
  • Adds like matcher expression
  • Escapes postgres special characters in LIKE expressions for all other string matcher expressions
  • Fixes security vulnerability where a specific authorization header value would be associated with the wrong token in rare cases (credit to Philipp Schiffmann)
  • Adds Validate.constant to properties that use the @primaryKey annotation.
  • Allows Validate annotations to be added to belongs-to relationship properties; the validation is run on the foreign key.
  • Allows any type - e.g. Map<String, dynamic> - to be bound with Bind.body.

3.1.0 #

  • Adds the implicit authorization grant flow via the AuthRedirectController type.
  • Deprecates AuthCodeController in favor of AuthRedirectController.
  • Improves speed of many database CLI commands
  • Improves error messaging of the CLI; no longer includes stack trace for expected errors.
  • Allows self-referencing and cyclical relationships between managed objects
  • Fixes bug where ManagedObjects cannot have mixins
  • Adds ManagedContext.insertObject, ManagedContext.insertObjects and ManagedContext.fetchObjectWithID.

3.0.3 #

  • Fix regression when generating OpenAPI documentation for ManagedObjects
  • Adds --resolve-relative-urls flag to document commands to improve client applications
  • Adds Serializable.documentSchema instance method. Removes Serializable.document static method.
  • Adds optional values argument to Query constructor

3.0.3 #

  • Controller is now an abstract class that requires implementing handle. This is a minor breaking change that should not have an impact.
  • 'Serializable' can now implement static 'document' method to override component documentation behavior
  • Removes conduit setup --heroku=<name> and instead points to documentation.
  • Fixes issue ORM had with transformed values (e.g. enums) and nullable columns

3.0.0 #

  • Adds BodyDecoder.decode<T> and<T>. This replaces existing decodeAs* and as* methods.
  • Adds AuthDelegate.addClient and AuthServer.addClient.
  • Adds ManagedContext.transaction to enable queries to be run in a database transaction.
  • Adds 'Scope' annotation to add granular scoping to ResourceController methods.
  • Adds Recyclable<T> to control whether controllers are instantiated per request or are reused.
  • Adds support for storing PostgreSQL JSON data with Document data type.
  • Adds Query.insertObject.
  • Adds support for OpenAPI 3.0.0 documentation generation.
    • Adds APIComponentDocumenter, APIOperationDocumenter, APIDocumentContext.
    • Removes PackagePathResolver, ApplicationOptions.isDocumenting and APIDocumentable.
  • Adds MockHTTPServer.queueHandler and MockHTTPServer.queueOutage.
  • Query.where behavior has changed to consistently use property selector syntax.
    • Removes methods like whereEqualTo and replaced with QueryExpression.
  • Controller.generate renamed to Removed Controller.pipe.
  • package:conduit_core/test moved to package:conduit_test/conduit_test, which is a separate dependency from conduit.
  • Renames methods in AuthDelegate to provide consistency.
  • Removes ManagedContext.defaultContext; context usage must be explicit.
  • Removes HTTPResponseException. Responses can now be thrown instead.
  • QueryExceptions are no longer thrown for every ORM exception. If a store chooses to interpret an exception, it will still throw a QueryException. Otherwise, the underlying driver exception will be thrown.
  • Default constructor for PostgreSQLPersistentStore now takes connection info instead of closure.
  • Controller.listen renamed Controller.linkFunction.
  • Change default port for conduit serve to 8888.
  • Binding metadata - HTTPPath, HTTPBody, HTTPQuery and HTTPHeader - have been changed to Bind.path, Bind.body, Bind.query and Bind.header, respectively.
  • Remove @httpGet (and other HTTPMethod annotations) constants. Behavior replaced by @Operation.
  • Removes runOnMainIsolate from Application.start() and added Application.startOnMainIsolate() as replacement.
  • Removes ManagedSet.haveAtLeastOneWhere.
  • Renames RequestSink to ApplicationChannel.
    • Replace constructor and willOpen with prepare.
    • Replace setupRouter with entryPoint.
  • Replaces AuthCodeController.renderFunction with AuthCodeControllerDelegate.
  • Removes AuthStrategy in place of AuthorizationParser<T>.
    • Adds concrete implementations of AuthorizationParser<T>, AuthorizationBearerParser and AuthorizationBasicParser.
  • Removes AuthValidator.fromBearerToken and AuthValidator.fromBasicCredentials and replaces with AuthValidator.validate<T>.
  • Renames the following:
    • Authorization.resourceOwnerIdentifier -> Authorization.ownerID
    • Request.innerRequest -> Request.raw
    • AuthStorage -> AuthServerDelegate
    • -> AuthServer.delegate
    • ApplicationConfiguration -> ApplicationOptions
    • Application.configuration -> Application.options
    • HTTPFileController -> FileController
    • HTTPSerializable -> Serializable
    • HTTPCachePolicy -> CachePolicy
    • HTTPCodecRepository -> CodecRegistry
    • requiredHTTPParameter -> requiredBinding
    • ManagedTableAttributes -> Table
    • ManagedRelationshipDeleteRule -> DeleteRule
    • ManagedRelationship -> Relate
    • ManagedColumnAttributes -> Column
    • managedPrimaryKey -> primaryKey
    • ManagedTransientAttribute -> Serialize
      • Serialize now replaces managedTransientAttribute, managedTransientInputAttribute, and managedTransientOutputAttribute.
    • RequestController -> Controller
    • RequestController.processRequest -> Controller.handle
    • HTTPController -> ResourceController

2.5.0 #

  • Adds conduit db schema to print an application's data model.
  • Adds conduit document serve that serves the API documentation for an application.
  • Adds --machine flag to conduit tool to only emit machine-readable output.
  • Adds defaultDelay to MockHTTPServer. Defaults to null for no delay.
  • Adds defaultResponse to MockHTTPServer. Defaults to a 503 response instead of a 200.
  • Adds option to set a custom delay for a specific response in MockHTTPServer's queueResponse function.
  • Performance improvements

2.4.0 #

  • Adds HTTPRequestBody.maxSize to limit HTTP request body sizes. Defaults to 10MB.
  • Adds ManagedTableAttributes to configure underlying database table to use multiple columns to test for uniqueness.

2.3.2 #

  • Adds Request.addResponseModifier to allow middleware to modify responses.

2.3.1 #

  • Adds Response.bufferOutput to control whether the HTTP response bytes are buffered.
  • Adds whereNot to apply an inverse to other Query.where expression, e.g. whereNot(whereIn(["a", "b"])).
  • Fixes bug where subclassing ManagedObjectController didn't work.
  • Renames ResourceRegistry to ServiceRegistry.
  • Improves feedback and interface for package:conduit_core/test.dart.

2.3.0 #

  • Adds Request.acceptableContentTypes and Request.acceptsContentType for convenient usage of Accept header.
  • Adds AuthStorage.allowedScopesForAuthenticatable to provide user attribute-based scoping, e.g. roles.
  • Adds Query.forEntity and ManagedObjectController.forEntity to dynamically instantiate these types, i.e. use runtime values to build the query.
  • Adds PersistentStore.newQuery - allows a PersistentStore implementation to provide its own implementation of Query specific to its underlying database.
  • Adds Query.reduce to perform aggregate functions on database tables, e.g. sum, average, maximum, etc.
  • enums may be used as persistent properties in ManagedObject<T>. The underlying database will store them a strings.
  • Speed of generating a template project has been greatly improved.

2.2.2 #

  • Adds ApplicationMessageHub to send cross-isolate messages.

2.2.1 #

  • Allow HTTPCodecRepository.add to use specify default charset for Content-Type if a request does not specify one.

2.2.0 #

  • The default template created by conduit create is now mostly empty. Available templates can be listed with conduit create list-templates and selected with the command-line option --template.
  • Bug fixes where conduit auth would fail to insert new Client IDs.
  • joinMany and joinOne are deprecated, use join(set:) and join(object:) instead.
  • HTTPCodecRepository replaces Response.addEncoder and HTTPBody.addDecoder.
  • Streams may now be Response bodies.
  • Request bodies may be bound in HTTPController with HTTPBody metadata.
  • Adds file serving with HTTPFileController.
  • Adds HTTPCachePolicy to control cache headers for a Response.
  • Request.body has significantly improved behavior and has been optimized.
  • Content-Length is included instead of Transfer-Encoding: chunked when the size of the response body can be determined efficiently.

2.1.1 #

  • Adds ResourceRegistry: tracks port-consuming resources like database connections to ensure they are closed when an application shuts down during testing.

2.1.0 #

  • Fixes race condition when stopping an application during test execution
  • Adds validation behavior to ManagedObjects using Validate and ManagedValidator and ManagedObject.validate.
  • ManagedObjects now have callbacks willUpdate and willInsert to modify their values before updating and inserting.
  • Fixes issue with conduit serve on Windows.

2.0.3 #

  • Fixes issue with conduit document for routes using listen
  • Fixes issue when using TestClient to execute requests with public OAuth2 client
  • Enables database migrations past the initial conduit db generate.
  • CLI tools print tool version, project version (when applicable)

2.0.2 #

  • Allow binding to system-assigned port so tests can be run in parallel
  • Change conduit serve default port to 8081 so can develop in parallel to Angular2 apps that default to 8080
  • Remove SecurityContext reference from ApplicationConfiguration. SSL configured via new conduit serve arguments ssl-key-path and ssl-certificate-path, or overriding securityContext in RequestSink.

2.0.1 #

  • Fixes issue where some types of join queries would access the wrong properties
  • Fixes issue where an object cannot be inserted without values; this matters when the inserted values will be created by the database.

2.0.0 #

  • Added RequestController.letUncaughtExceptionsEscape for better debugging during tests.

  • Persistent types for ManagedObjects can now have superclasses.

  • ManagedRelationships now have a .deferred() constructor. This allows ManagedObjects to have relationships to ManagedObjects in other packages.

  • Added RequestSink.initializeApplication method to do one-time startup tasks that were previously done in a start script.

  • RequestSink constructor now takes ApplicationConfiguration, instead of Map.

  • Added configurationFilePath to ApplicationConfiguration.

  • Improved error reporting from failed application startups.

  • Automatically lowercase headers in Response objects so that other parts of an application can accurately read their values during processing.

  • Added HTTPBody object to represent HTTP request bodies in Request. Decoders are now added to this type.

  • ORM: Renamed Query.matchOn to Query.where.

  • ORM: Removed includeInResultSet for Query's, instead, added joinOn and joinMany which create subqueries that can be configured further.

  • ORM: Allow Query.where to reference properties in related objects without including related objects in results, i.e. can fetch Parent objects and filter them by values in their Child relationships.

  • ORM: Joins can now be applied to belongsTo relationship properties.

  • ORM: Matchers such as whereNull and whereNotNull can be applied to a relationship property in Query.where.

  • ORM: Renamed ManagedSet.matchOn to ManagedSet.haveAtLeastOneWhere.

  • ORM: Added matchers for case-insensitive string matching, and added case-insensitive option to whereEquals and whereNotEquals.

  • Auth: Added conduit/managed_auth library. Implements storage of OAuth 2.0 tokens using ManagedObjects. See API reference for more details.

  • Auth: Improved error and response messaging to better align with the OAuth 2.0 spec, especially with regards to the authorization code flow.

  • Auth: Added distinction between public and confidential clients, as defined by OAuth 2.0 spec.

  • Auth: Improved class and property naming.

  • Tooling: Added conduit auth tool to create client ID and secrets and add them to a database for applications using the conduit/managed_auth package.

  • Tooling: Added more user-friendly configuration options for conduit db tool.

  • Tooling: Added conduit setup --heroku for setting up projects to be deployed to Heroku.

  • Tooling: Added conduit serve command for running conduit applications without having to write a start script.

  • Tooling: Added conduit document command to generate OpenAPI specification for conduit applications, instead of relying on a script that came with the template.

1.0.4 #

  • BREAKING CHANGE: Added new Response.contentType property. Adding "Content-Type" to the headers of a Response no longer has any effect; use this property instead.
  • ManagedDataModels now scan all libraries for ManagedObject<T> subclasses to generate a data model. Use ManagedDataModel.fromCurrentMirrorSystem to create instances of ManagedDataModel.
  • The last instantiated ManagedContext now becomes the ManagedContext.defaultContext; prior to this change, it was the first instantiated context. Added ManagedContext.standalone to opt out of setting the default context.
  • @HTTPQuery parameters in HTTPController responder method will now only allow multiple keys in the query string if and only if the argument type is a List.

1.0.3 #

  • Fix to allow Windows user to use conduit setup.
  • Fix to CORS processing.
  • HTTPControllers now return 405 if there is no responder method match for a request.

1.0.2 #

  • Fix type checking for transient map and list properties of ManagedObject.
  • Add flags to Process.runSync that allow Windows user to use conduit executable.

1.0.1 #

  • Change behavior of isolate supervision. If an isolate has an uncaught exception, it logs the exception but does not restart the isolate.

1.0.0 #

  • Initial stable release.
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A modern HTTP server application framework, ORM and OAuth2 provider with OpenAPI 3.0 integration. Foundation for REST, RPC or GraphQL services.

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