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🎨 Color constants represented by color names from

You're creating an app using, or maybe even Colors.teal or There are so many more inspiring colors you're missing out on!

Join the fun and say hello to Colorz.tardis, Colorz.trumpsLitteralColor and Colorz.highlighterGreenBanana! Make use of Colorz.cookieMonster, Colorz.unoReverseCardYellow and Colorz.ravenclawBlue! Meet Colorz.arabicaMint, Colorz.cactusGreen and Colorz.vampireDeath!

🎨 On, people from all over the world come together to name colors. This package makes the 9.000 most upvoted colors available in your Flutter app! That's the best 0.0536 % of all 16.7 million RGB colors!

⚠️ Disclaimer: The community chooses the color names, and they aren't censored. Therefore, color names may include words considered offensive, vulgar or obscene.

❀️ Want to contribute? Visit and provide some names or vote for colors to improve this package! If you find any issues or have ideas for improvements to this package, don't hesitate to create an issue in the GitHub repository.

πŸ“¦ Updates of this package: From time to time, I'll re-generate the Colorz and upload a major version upgrade to (because there may be incompatibilities with previous versions). If you want to generate the Colorz yourself, go into the root directory of the colorz package and run dart generator/generator.dart.

πŸ€” Why only use the top 9.000 colors and not something round, like the top 10.000? runs dartdoc with limited space: pub error

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🎨 Color constants represented by color names from

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