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Read-only SDK for Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) ( This SDK is a community project.

cognite_cdf_sdk #

Maintainer: Greger Wedel,

A Dart package with a simple SDK for Cognite CDF API,

This SDK has been developed specifically for the needs of a Flutter application for time series exploration. Thus, it has built in support for layering of datapoints that simplifies zoom in, zoom out, and visual exploration of a plotted time series. It also has a history of requests that can be used to see exactly the REST API requests and responses that have been executed.

The SDK is currently limited to the timeseries API and is read-only, but it should be fairly easy to extend.

Disclaimer #

Although developed by an employee of Cognite, this SDK has been developed as part of a personal tinkering project, and there are no guarantees that this SDK will be kept updated or extended. It is shared Apache-2 licensed for the benefit of anybody who may have a need for a Dart SDK or may want to contribute.

Contributing #

All activity related to this SDK is on Github. Please use the issue tracker to submit bugs or feature suggestions, or even better: submit a PR!

Getting Started #

Instantiate an http client and off you go!

NOTE!!! You need to supply an HttpClientAdapter() implementation as either found in dio/adapter.dart (DefaultHttpClientAdapter()) or dio/adapter_browser.dart (BrowserHttpClientAdapter()). See below for how to support both web and app.

import 'package:cognite_cdf_sdk/cognite_cdf_sdk.dart';
import 'package:dio/adapter.dart';

main() async {
  var apiClient = CDFApiClient(
      project: 'project_name',
      apikey: 'myapi_key',
      baseUrl: '',
      httpAdapter: DefaultHttpClientAdapter());

  var res = await TimeSeriesAPI(apiClient).getAllTimeSeries();
  if (res != null && res.length >= 1) {

Use Web and App httpAdapter in Same Code #

Create two files, httpadapter.dart and webhttpadapter.dart, that both defines a GenericHttpAdapter() class:


import 'package:dio/adapter.dart';

class GenericHttpClientAdapter extends DefaultHttpClientAdapter {}


import 'package:dio/adapter_browser.dart';

class GenericHttpClientAdapter extends BrowserHttpClientAdapter {}

You can then use the generic adapter class this way:

import 'httpadapter.dart' if (dart.library.html) 'webhttpadapter.dart';
var client = CDFApiClient(httpAdapter: GenericHttpClientAdapter());
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Read-only SDK for Cognite Data Fusion (CDF) ( This SDK is a community project.

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