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A fluent API for generating Dart code

code_builder #

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code_builder is a fluent Dart API for generating valid Dart source code.

Code generation was traditionally done through a series of package-specific string concatenations which usually results in messy and sometimes invalid Dart code that is not easily readable and is very difficult to refactor.

code_builder uses the analyzer package to create real Dart language ASTs, which, while not guaranteed to be correct, always follows the analyzer's own understood format.

Usage #

Code builder has a narrow and user-friendly API.

For example creating a class with a method:

var base = reference('Organism');
var clazz = new ClassBuilder('Animal', asExtends: base);
  new MethodBuilder.returnVoid(
    returns: reference('print').call([literal('Yum')]),


class Animal extends Organism {
  void eat() => print('Yum!');

Have a complicated set of dependencies for your generated code? code_builder supports automatic scoping of your ASTs to automatically use prefixes to avoid symbol conflicts:

var lib = new LibraryBuilder.scope()
    new MethodBuilder(
      returnType: reference('Thing', 'package:thing/thing.dart'),
    new MethodBuilder(
      returnType: reference('Thing', 'package:thing/alternative.dart'),


import 'package:thing/thing.dart' as _i1;
import 'package:thing/alternative.dart' as _i2;

_i1.Thing doThing() {}
_i2.Thing doOtherThing() {}