chronosgl 3.9.3
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A simple WebGL2 engine written in Dart

ChronosGL #

A simple WebGL2 engine written in Dart #

Features: #

  • MIT licensed
  • straight-forward API
  • lightweight (close to "baremetal")
  • fully based on WebGL2 and GLSL 3.00es
  • keyboard and mouse event capture
  • support for canvas based textures including skybox
  • focus on procedural content generation
  • optional basic scenegraph
  • importer for several file formats
  • bone animations
  • few dependencies

Code #

Examples #

Usage #

Create a new Dart webapp project, add this as a pubspec.yaml dependency:

        chronosgl: any

You also need the vector_math library which is the only library that ChronosGL is dependent on.

As a test copy simple.html and simple.dart from above into your project.

It should look like this:

If you need to import dart:html, do so as follows:

import 'dart:html' as HTML;

This will avoid a naming conflict for Node.