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A library and platform for playing and experimenting with cellular automata.

Changelog #

1.0 #

  • Web renderers have been moved into a new package: cellular_automata_web. This core package can now be loaded into none web enviroments such as flutter etc.
  • example/ folder now contains numerous ascii based examples that can be run from command-line
  • Player renamed Scene
  • Simulator renamed Automaton
  • onRender renamed onPaint
  • SimulationCompleteReason renamed SceneCompleteReason
  • onPaintFull now available which will paint a full scene every generation. Note: This is a not as performant as onPaint which will only paints the changes in a scene
  • AsciiRenderer added. This is a very simple text based renderer, used in the examples.
  • onPrepare fired before scene starts running. This is when a generator could be used to seed the automaton.
  • Now supports multiple automata running in a single scene. used addAutomaton() to add automata.
  • Recased all enums to camel case.

0.9 #

0.8 #

  • MCellGenerations rule parser added. This can parse all MCell Generations configs.
  • Credits
  • onStable renamed onComplete, now passes SimulatorCompleteReason enum value. Current states are: duration and stable
  • Demos updated to include MCell
  • Credits file created to credit those that wrote/discovered the rules
  • Decent Refactor, reorganised stuff!
    • Simulator renamed Player
    • Array2D replaced with CellGrid which combines Array2D with CA specific functionality which simplifies CellWorld.
    • CARules interface updated
    • CellWorld renamed Simulator

0.7 #

  • Optimised MajorityVote Rules, utilises edge detection to determine activity
  • Added paintFullSize option to CanvasRenderer: This allows the scene to be painted at actual size rather than small and then resized via CSS.
  • Added maxAge as a Simulator constructor parameter, if this is set then onStable is called when the generation count surpasses maxAge
  • Added package:logging so debug information can be enabled / disabled
  • Updated demos

0.6 #

  • Stable simulation detection. This broadcast to the onStable stream after detecting repeating identical generations or repeating generation activeCellCount patterns spanning up to 8 generations.
  • Demos updated to auto reset on stable scene (excluding rendering examples)

0.5 #

  • Added new default renderer for web: CanvasRenderer. This is a simple native Canvas renderer. This has been added as StageXLRenderer has performance issues with large scenes.
  • Added demos for both StageXLRenderer and CanvasRenderer
  • Demos moved over to use CanvasRenderer

0.4 #

  • Added MajorityVote Rules
  • Optimised BriansBrain processing
  • Updated demos

0.3 #

  • Added GameOfLifeSimple Rules. This simulation is a simpler version of GameOfLife, it only has binary states and implemented with minimal code
  • Added BriansBrain Rules
  • Updated demos

0.2 #

  • Optimised cell processing, now only processes cells that neighbor active states
  • Added tests (more to add)
  • Improved StageXL bitmap colours crispness by adding frame margin

0.1 #

  • Refactored so Rule's cell-states are now passed as generic types in to the Cell World for better analyzer & tooling support
  • Added a CAGenerators for generating/seeding worlds
  • Renderers are now further decoupled from the Simulation. They now just require an CellGrid containing states expressed in a palette.
  • Added a very simple demo (simple_example.dart) to show minimum setup code
  • CellWorld now stores full cell-states and Rules also deal with full cell-states which makes code more readable
  • Fixed mathematical generators

0.0 #

  • Initial version, includes basic implementation of GameOfLife with StageXLRenderer
  • Hosted demos
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A library and platform for playing and experimenting with cellular automata.

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