card_input_field 0.2.1
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A new Flutter package.

card_input_field #

16 inputs field like bank card number for enter your card number

Usage #

Import this line in Flutter pubspec #

card_input_field: <Last Version>

TO Use #

import 'package:card_input_field/card_input_field.dart';

After import library


CardInputField cardInput = CardInputField();

After into a Widget like below use it

Center(child: cardInput)

and for read value of fields into onTap or onPressed a button

onTap: (){
    cardInput.controllers.forEach((element) {

or set a value into a field

onTap: (){
    cardInput.controllers[0].text = '4';

and do not forget #

void dispose() {
    /// number of controllers is 16
    cardInput.controllers.forEach((element) {

It is very simple to use, you can see main file into git repository

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