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Bulma flexbox CSS framework and its scss components

bulma_sass #

Bulma is a modern SCSS framework based on Flexbox.

Example #

You can find basic example usage of the package over at bulma_sass_example

Usage #

Add Sass and Builder runner to the project pubspec.yaml:

  sass_builder: ^2.1.3
  build_runner: ^1.0.0

Create a SCSS file and import bulma and edit any variable you need:

// 1. Import the initial variables
@import "package:bulma_sass/scss/utilities/initial-variables";
@import "package:bulma_sass/scss/utilities/functions";

// 2. Set your own initial variables
// Update blue
$blue: #72d0eb;
// Add pink and its invert
$pink: #ffb3b3;
$pink-invert: #fff;
// Add a serif family
$family-serif: "Merriweather", "Georgia", serif;

// 3. Set the derived variables
// Use the new pink as the primary color
$primary: $pink;
$primary-invert: $pink-invert;
// Use the existing orange as the danger color
$danger: $orange;
// Use the new serif family
$family-primary: $family-serif;

// 4. Setup your Custom Colors
$linkedin: #0077b5;
$linkedin-invert: findColorInvert($linkedin);
$twitter: #55acee;
$twitter-invert: findColorInvert($twitter);
$github: #333;
$github-invert: findColorInvert($github);

// 5. Add new color variables to the color map.
@import "package:bulma_sass/scss/utilities/derived-variables";
$addColors: (
  "twitter":($twitter, $twitter-invert),
  "linkedin": ($linkedin, $linkedin-invert),
  "github": ($github, $github-invert)
$colors: map-merge($colors, $addColors);

// 6. Import the rest of Bulma
@import "package:bulma_sass/scss/bulma";

Alternatively If you want to customize which bulma parts are included to minimize the end size of your css, you can use the below and simply uncomment the parts you want to include.

// Utilities
@import "package:bulma_sass/scss/utilities/initial-variables";
@import "package:bulma_sass/scss/utilities/functions";
@import "package:bulma_sass/scss/utilities/derived-variables";
@import "package:bulma_sass/scss/utilities/animations";
@import "package:bulma_sass/scss/utilities/mixins";
@import "package:bulma_sass/scss/utilities/controls";
// Custom Variables

// Base
@import "package:bulma_sass/scss/base/minireset";
@import "package:bulma_sass/scss/base/generic";
@import "package:bulma_sass/scss/base/helpers";
// Elements
// @import "package:bulma_sass/scss/elements/box";
// @import "package:bulma_sass/scss/elements/button";
// @import "package:bulma_sass/scss/elements/container";
// @import "package:bulma_sass/scss/elements/content";
// @import "package:bulma_sass/scss/elements/form";
// @import "package:bulma_sass/scss/elements/icon";
// @import "package:bulma_sass/scss/elements/image";
// @import "package:bulma_sass/scss/elements/notification";
// @import "package:bulma_sass/scss/elements/progress";
// @import "package:bulma_sass/scss/elements/table";
// @import "package:bulma_sass/scss/elements/tag";
// @import "package:bulma_sass/scss/elements/title";
// @import "package:bulma_sass/scss/elements/other";
// Components
// @import "package:bulma_sass/scss/components/breadcrumb";
// @import "package:bulma_sass/scss/components/card";
// @import "package:bulma_sass/scss/components/dropdown";
// @import "package:bulma_sass/scss/components/level";
// @import "package:bulma_sass/scss/components/media";
// @import "package:bulma_sass/scss/components/menu";
// @import "package:bulma_sass/scss/components/message";
// @import "package:bulma_sass/scss/components/modal";
// @import "package:bulma_sass/scss/components/navbar";
// @import "package:bulma_sass/scss/components/pagination";
// @import "package:bulma_sass/scss/components/panel";
// @import "package:bulma_sass/scss/components/tabs";
// Grid
@import "package:bulma_sass/scss/grid/columns";
// @import "package:bulma_sass/scss/grid/tiles";
// Layout
// @import "package:bulma_sass/scss/layout/hero";
// @import "package:bulma_sass/scss/layout/section";
// @import "package:bulma_sass/scss/layout/footer";

// Custom SCSS

Documentation #

Documentation for the Bulma framework can be found here Bulma Documentation

Bugs and Features #

Report problems with this package to https://github.com/indiealexh/dart_bulma_sass

Report problems with the core framework to https://github.com/jgthms/bulma

Dart package is released under MIT license.

Original Code copyright 2017 Jeremy Thomas and released under the MIT license.

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Bulma flexbox CSS framework and its scss components

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