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Provide built stream for Dart This library is the runtime dependency.

Built Stream for Dart #

Introduction #

Built Stream provides:

  • Concrete params and results type for the method
  • SingleStream class wraps an asynchronous method
  • ComposedStreams class wrap SingleStream objects
  • A graceful error handler

Examples #

For an Flutter example see the example

Generating boilerplate for SingleStream and ComposedStreams #

SingleStream and ComposedStreams types require a bit of boilerplate in order to connect it to generated code. Luckily, even this bit of boilerplate can be got automated using code snippets support in your favourite text editor. For example, in IntelliJ you can use following live template:

@SingleStream(UserRepository, '$METHOD$')
class $CAPITALIZED_METHOD$Stream extends _$CAPITALIZED_METHOD$StreamOrigin {
  String get errorMessage => '';
@ComposedStreams(const [])
class $CAPITALIZED_METHOD$Stream extends _$CAPITALIZED_METHOD$StreamOrigin {
  Stream<StreamState> process(_) async* {
    // your logic code here

Using this template you would only have to manually enter a name of your data class name which is something that can't be automated.

Common Usage #

While full, compiled examples are available in example/lib, a common usage example is shown here. This example assumes that you are writing a client for method that login to the system in AuthRepository:

class AuthRepository {
  Future<LoginResults> login(LoginParams params) async {
    await Future.delayed(Duration(milliseconds: 1000));
    String token = "1234abc";
    return LoginResults(token, firstLogin: false);

The corresponding SingleStream for the method login inside class AuthRepository is like this

import 'package:example/repositories/auth_repository.dart';
import 'package:built_stream/stream_annotations.dart';
import 'package:built_stream/stream_types.dart';
import 'dart:async';
import 'package:customized_streams/customized_streams.dart';

part "login_stream.g.dart";

@SingleStream(AuthRepository, 'login')
@StreamParam(String, 'email')
@StreamParam(String, 'password', optional: true)
@StreamResult(String, 'token')
@StreamResult(bool, 'firstLogin', optional: true)
class LoginStream extends _LoginStreamOrigin {
  String get errorMessage => 'Cannot login';

This declaration will render two classes, one for method's params - LoginParams and one for method's results - LoginResults; three class for each states of the stream: LoginStart, LoginSuccess and LoginError; one class that wrap the method: LoginStream and one class that handle the life circle of above stream class: LoginBloc


Should I check in and/or publish in the generated .g.dart files? #

See the build_runner docs. You usually should not check in generated files, but you do need to publish them.

Features and bugs #

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.

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Provide built stream for Dart This library is the runtime dependency.



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