built_bloc 0.4.2
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Generates the BLoC boilerplate.

built_bloc #

Helper class for adopting the BLoC pattern, alongside with a few annotations to use in combination with built_bloc_generator (which is stongly recommended).

Quickstart #

Simply extends from Bloc and add your subjects and subscriptions.

class ExampleBloc extends Bloc {
  Sink<int> get add => this._add.sink;

  Stream<int> get count => this._add.stream;

  final PublishSubject<int> _add = PublishSubject<int>();

  final BehaviorSubject<int> _count = BehaviorSubject<int>.seeded(0);

  ExampleBloc() {
    this.subjects.addAll([_add, _count]);
    this.subscriptions.addAll([ _add.listen(_onAdd) ]);

  void _onAdd(int value) {
    this._count.add(this._count.value + 1);

How to use #

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