brick_offline_first_abstract 0.0.7

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Annotations and models required by the Offline First domain.


import 'package:brick_rest/rest.dart';
import 'dart:convert';

import '../lib/annotations.dart';
import '../lib/abstract.dart';

/// A child association
  restConfig: RestSerializable(
    endpoint: "=> /hats;",
class Hat extends OfflineFirstWithRestModel {
  final int id;

  final String color;


/// A parent association
  restConfig: RestSerializable(
    endpoint: "=> /people;",
class Person extends OfflineFirstWithRestModel {
  /// given an API response of
  /// { "hat_id" : 1}
  /// this will automatically fetch or hydrate the association based on the unique lookup of
  @OfflineFirst(where: {'id': "data['hat_id']"})

  /// for upsert and delete, the rest key must be defined
  @Rest(name: 'hat_id')
  final Hat hat;

  final Horse horse;


/// When we don't want to make a separate association but have complex data that can be stored in a single column
/// Serdes classes cannot be queried like model members.
class Horse extends OfflineFirstSerdes<Map<String, dynamic>, String> {
  final String breed;


  factory Horse.fromRest(Map<String, dynamic> data) {
    return Horse(breed: data['breed']);

  factory Horse.fromSqlite(String data) => Horse.fromRest(jsonDecode(data));

  toRest() {
    return {'breed': breed};

  toSqlite() => jsonEncode(toRest());