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This is the Braze plugin for Flutter. Effective marketing automation is an essential part of successfully scaling and managing your business.

0.4.0 #

  • Added the following new field to BrazeInAppMessage: zippedAssetsUrl.
    • Note that a known issue in the iOS plugin prevents HTML IAMs from working reliably with the Dart in-app message callback. Android is not affected.

0.3.0 #

  • The native iOS bridge uses Braze iOS SDK 3.15.0.
  • The native Android bridge uses Braze Android SDK 3.5.0.
  • Support for the Android configuration parameter com_appboy_inapp_show_inapp_messages_automatically has been removed.
    • To control whether an in-app message object should be displayed natively or not, create and register an instance of IInAppMessageManagerListener in your native Android code and implement decisioning in the beforeInAppMessageDisplayed method. See MainActivity in our sample app for an example.
  • On Android, in-app message objects are no longer sent automatically to the Dart in-app message callback after calling BrazePlugin.setBrazeInAppMessageCallback() in your Dart code.
    • Similar to iOS, you will need to implement a delegate interface in your native app code and pass in-app message objects to the Dart layer for passing to the callback.
    • On Android, the delegate interface is IInAppMessageManagerListener and the method for passing objects to Dart is BrazePlugin.processInAppMessage(inAppMessage).
    • See the sample IInAppMessageManagerListener implementation in the MainActivity.kt file of our sample app for an example.
    • This approach gives the integrator more flexibility in deciding when a message should be displayed natively, discarded, or passed into the Dart layer.
  • Added support for logging in-app message analytics to the Braze interface using BrazeInAppMessage instances. See logInAppMessageClicked, logInAppMessageImpression, and logInAppMessageButtonClicked.

0.2.1 #

  • Added the following new fields to BrazeInAppMessage: imageUrl, useWebView, duration, clickAction, dismissType, messageType
  • Added the following new fields to BrazeButton: useWebView, clickAction.

0.2.0 #

  • Adds addAlias() to the public API interface.
  • Adds requestLocationInitialization() to the public API interface.
  • Adds getInstallTrackingId() to the public API interface.
  • Adds support for disabling native in-app message display on Android.
    • To disable automatic in-app message display, create a boolean element named com_appboy_inapp_show_inapp_messages_automatically in your Android app's appboy.xml and set it to false.
    • Note: Disabling automatic in-app message display was already possible for iOS. For instructions, see
  • Adds a Dart callback for receiving Braze in-app message data in the Flutter host app.
    • Analytics are not currently supported on messages displayed through the callback.
    • To set the callback, call BrazePlugin.setBrazeInAppMessageCallback() from your Flutter app with a function that takes a BrazeInAppMessage instance.
      • The BrazeInAppMessage object supports a subset of fields available in the native model objects, including uri, message, header, buttons, and extras.
    • The callback should begin to function on Android immediately after being set.
    • On iOS, you will additionally need to implement the ABKInAppMessageControllerDelegate delegate as described in our public documentation. Your beforeInAppMessageDisplayed delegate implementation must call BrazePlugin.process(inAppMessage). For an example, see AppDelegate.swift in our example app.

0.1.1 #

  • Formatted braze_plugin.dart.

0.1.0 #

  • Removes the unused dart:async import in braze_plugin.dart.
  • Makes _callStringMethod private in braze_plugin.dart.
  • Adds basic dartdoc to the public API interface.

0.0.2 #

  • Updates the version of Kotlin used by the Android plugin from 1.2.71 to 1.3.11.

0.0.1 #

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This is the Braze plugin for Flutter. Effective marketing automation is an essential part of successfully scaling and managing your business.



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