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A library to help on the search for books on google books api


A library to help on the search for books on the Google Books Api.

Usage #

First of all, import the library:

import 'package:books_finder/books_finder.dart';

Querying books #

To query books, just call the function queryBooks:

final List<Book> books = await queryBooks(
 maxResults: 3,
 printType: PrintType.books,
 orderBy: OrderBy.relevance,

You can change a few parameters to make your query more specific:

maxResultsSet the max amount of resultsNo
startIndexfor paginationNo
langRestrictRetrict the query to a specific languageYes
orderByOrder the query by newest or relevanceYes
printTypeFilter by books, magazines or bothYes
reschemeImageLinksRescheme image urls from http to httpsNo

Books #

If you already have a Book object, you can call to get all the book infos:

final info =;
title (String)Title of the book
subtitle (String)The subtile of the book
authors (List<String>)All the authors names
publisher (String)The publisher name
publishedDate (DateTime)The date it was published
rawPublishedDate (String)The date it was published in raw format
description (String)Description of the book
pageCount (int)The amount of pages
categories (List<String>)The categories the book is in
averageRating (double)The average rating of the book
ratingsCount (int)The amount of people that rated it
maturityRating (String)The maturity rating
contentVersion (String)The version of the content
industryIdentifier (List<IndustryIdentifier>)The identifiers of the book (isbn)
imageLinks (List<Map<String, Uri>>)The links with the avaiable image resources
language (String)The language code of the book

Acknowledgements #

Issues and feedback #

Please file issues, bugs, or feature requests in our issue tracker.

To contribute a change to this plugin open a pull request.

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A library to help on the search for books on google books api

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