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Flutter plugin for BlinkID, SDK for scanning and OCR of various identity documents.

5.8.1 #

  • Fixed documentDataMatch serialization.

5.8.0 #

5.7.1 #

Major bug fix: #

  • This version fixes bug introduced in v5.7.0 which could cause SDK crash on applicationDidBecomeActive event.

5.7.0 #

Plugin changes #

  • We changed the way BlinkID plugin is registered in Android so it no longer requires changing MainActivity. This fixes Issue #2 and Issue #5.

New features #

  • We translated complete SDK to the following additional languages: Malay, Dutch, Hungarian, Slovenian, Indonesian, Arabic(UAE), Romanian, Chinese traditional, Chinese simplified, Thai, Hebrew, Vietnamese, Filipino.

Improvements to existing features: #

  • We have improved parsing of MRZ formats deviating from the ISO/IEC 7501 standard:
    • Document discriminator was in place of the document number on driver licenses and IDs from:
      • New York
        • Michigan
        • Canada
      • Different check digit calculation for Mexico (Consular) ID
      • Recognition of the unofficial XCT country code for Northern Cyprus ID
      • Recognition of different country codes and check digit calculation on China Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents
  • We added anonymization support for:
    • MRZ on the Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents
  • We have made some changes to the BlinkID(Combined)Recognizer
    • You can now see ProcessingStatus in the results to inspect potential processing errors, such as when barcode detection fails, a mandatory field is missing, etc.
      • You can now also see a more detailed ImageAnalysisResult showing you when:
        • Face image is detected
        • MRZ is detected
        • Barcode is detected
      • We added a RecognitionModeFilter settings group. You can toggle flags on this object to control the recognition mode of the recognizer:
        • enableMrzId lets you scan MRZ on all identity documents except visas and passports.
        • enableMrzVisa lets you scan MRZ on visa documents.
        • enableMrzPassport lets you scan MRZ on passports.
        • enablePhotoId lets you scan photo IDs. Use it to enable or disable document and face image extraction on unsupported documents.
        • enableFullRecognition lets you scan all data from our supported documents.
        • Your license key still controls which of the above recognition modes are allowed.
      • We have added a RecognitionMode result member describing which recognition mode was used to produce the results.
      • We are now retrieving sex and nationality fields from the MRZ in cases where those two fields cannot be found in the document’s VIZ. Previously, we only used to do this for dates, name fields and document numbers.
      • We are now preserving the original string (raw data) of the dates we couldn’t parse.
  • We have improved the thresholds for card detection feedback messages ("move closer" and "move farther"). This will improve the UX when scanning in landscape mode as the document can now be closer to the camera.

Minor API Changes #

  • We have made some changes to the BlinkIDRecognizer and BlinkIDCombinedRecognizer:
    • We renamed DocumentImageMoireStatus to ImageAnalysisDetectionStatus
      • We grouped the conditions member from the results with the DriverLicenseDetailedInfo structure
  • We renamed RecogitionMode to RecognitionDebugMode in RecognizerBundle.

Bug fixes: #

  • We fixed an issue in default UI that was causing reticle to reappear while card flip animation was showing.

5.6.0 #

New features: #

  • We have translated complete SDK to following languages: Croatian, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Slovak, and Spanish.

  • In BlinkIdCombinedRecognizer and BlinkIdRecognizer we added:

    • Support for US documents with vertical orientations:
      • Alabama DL
      • Arizona DL
      • California DL
      • Colorado DL
      • Connecticut DL
      • Georgia DL
      • Illinois DL
      • Iowa DL
      • Kansas DL
      • Kentucky DL
      • Maryland DL
      • Massachusetts DL
      • Minnesota DL
      • Missouri DL
      • New Jersey DL
      • Ohio DL
      • Pennsylvania DL
      • South Carolina DL
      • Tennessee DL
      • Texas DL
      • Utah DL
      • Washington DL
      • Wisconsin DL
    • Support for new document types:
      • Croatia Health Insurance Card / front side / BETA
      • Ecuador ID / front side
      • El Salvador ID / BETA
      • Sri Lanka ID / BETA
    • No longer BETA:
      • Canada Nova Scotia DL
      • Canada Yukon DL
      • Norway DL
    • Back side support:
      • Kenya ID
    • Result anonymization - with this option enabled, results are not returned for protected fields on certain documents. The full document image will also have this data blacked out.
      • Protected fields are:
        • Document number on Hong Kong ID
        • MRZ on Hong Kong passports
        • Personal ID number on Netherlands DL
        • Personal ID number and MRZ on Netherlands ID
        • MRZ on Netherlands passports
        • Document number on Singapore DL, ID, Fin Card, Resident ID
        • Personal ID number on Singapore Employment Pass
        • Document number and personal ID number on Singapore Work Permit
        • MRZ on Singapore passports
        • By using anonymizationMode property, you can choose the AnonymizationMode: ImageOnly, ResultFieldsOnly, FullResult or None.
        • FullResult anonymization (both images and data) is set by default.
  • We added support for new MRZ formats:

    • Guatemala ID
    • Kenya ID

Improvements to existing features: #

  • We updated UsdlRecognizerResult and IdBarcodeRecognizer.Result with additional address fields:
    • street, postalCode, city and jurisdiction
  • We added expired (in Swift isExpired) property to BlinkIdRecognizerResult, BlinkIdCombinedRecognizerResult and IdBarcodeRecognizerResult.
    • It compares the current time on the device with the date of expiry and checks whether the document has expired or not.
  • We made changes to the result structure of BlinkIdCombinedRecognizer and BlinkIdRecognizer:
    • Barcode data is now encapsulated in its own result structure: BarcodeResult.
    • Data from all OCR-ed fields, without MRZ data, is now encapsulated in a VizResult structure, representing the "Visual Inspection Zone" data. In BlinkIdCombinedRecognizer, front side data is available in its own structure (frontVizResult), back side data in its own (backVizResult), so you can now access data from each side separately.
    • The main part of the result, outside these structures, is filled according to these rules:
      • Document number is filled with data from the MRZ, if present.
      • Remaining data is then filled with barcode data.
      • Remaining data is filled from the back side's visual inspection zone (OCR data outside of MRZ).
      • Remaining data is filled from the front side's visual inspection zone.
      • Remaining data is filled with data from the MRZ.

Minor API changes: #

  • We moved BlinkIdRecognizerResult members colorStatus and moireStatus to the result's imageAnalysisResult (frontImageAnalysisResult and backImageAnalysisResult in BlinkIDCombinedRecognizerResult).

Bug fixes: #

  • We fixed US driver's license address extraction (Oregon, Mississippi, Rhode Island).
  • We removed OpenGL entirely which was causing unexpected crashes.

5.5.0+1 #

Updated README for 5.5.0

5.5.0 #

New features: #

  • In BlinkIdCombinedRecognizer and BlinkIdRecognizer we added:
    • Support for obtaining full document image for IDs with barcodes. Now you can capture document image and extract barcode data with a single scan.
      • Scanning & data extraction for travel visas and passports.

      • Field validation - we validate if the results from certain fields match predefined character sets.

        • If validation fails, the recognizer's state is RecognizerResultStateUncertain.
          • Use validateResultCharactersto enable or disable validation.
      • Field anonymization for sensitive data.

        • Enable or disable whether certain sensitive data should be anonymized in full document image result.
          • Use anonymizeImage to enable or disable image anonymization.
      • Support for new document types:

        • Australia New South Wales - ID Card / Front only / BETA
        • Brazil - Driver License / BETA
        • Brunei - Military ID / BETA
        • Brunei - Residence Permit / BETA
        • Brunei - Temporary Residence Permit / BETA
        • Ghana - Driver License / Front only
        • Latvia - ID Card
        • Norway - Driving Licence / Front only / BETA
        • Oman - ID Card
        • Saudi Arabia - ID Card / BETA
        • Sweden - Social Security Card / Front only
        • USA - Social Security Card / BETA
        • Back side supported:
          • Malaysia - MyTentera
      • No longer BETA:

        • Australia Tasmania - Driving Licence
        • Canada British Columbia - ID Card
        • Germany - Residence Permit
        • Morocco - ID Card
        • Nigeria - Voter ID
        • Singapore - Work Permit
        • USA Alaska - ID Card
        • USA District Of Columbia - Driver License
        • USA Indiana - ID Card
        • USA Kentucky - ID Card
      • Barcode scanning on the following documents:

        • Argentina ID
        • Colombia ID
        • Nigeria Voter ID
        • South Africa ID

Improvements for existing features: #

  • Improvements in BlinkIdCombinedRecognizer and BlinkIdRecognizer:
    • Documents discarded with the class filter are now reported as not supported
      • onDocumentSupportStatus will be called if a documents is filtered out by the classInfoFilter.
      • For Malaysian MyKad we are now returning if a Moire pattern is present on the scanned document (detected or not detected).
        • use documentImageMoireStatus in BlinkIdRecognizer.
        • use documentFrontImageMoireStatus and documentBackImageMoireStatus in BlinkIdCombinedRecognizer.
  • We added digital signature support to PassportRecognizer.
  • We updated IdBarcodeRecognizerResult with specific driving license info.
    • Use restrictions, endorsements and vehicleClass
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Flutter plugin for BlinkID, SDK for scanning and OCR of various identity documents.



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