bible_plus 0.1.2
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Library for reading PDB bible files.

Introduction #

BiblePlus is a dart library to work with PDB bible files. It's heavily inspired by the bibleplus java library with improvement of implicit lazy loading and exception handling.

Example #

See example/main.dart

import 'package:bible_plus/bible_plus.dart';

void main() {
  BiblePlus bible = new BiblePlus('/path/to/bible.pdb');
  try {
  } on Exception catch (e) {
    // Error
  // At this point we can access some basic information,
  // such as the bible version name and version info.
  // We can also have the list of book names at this point.

  // Get the version name of the bible
  String versionName = bible.versionName;
  print(versionName); // => King James Version

  // Get the version info of the bible
  String versionInfo = bible.versionInfo;

  // Get the total number of books in the bible
  int bookCount = bible.totalBooks;
  print(bookCount); // => 66

  // Get the BibleBook object. The line below returns Genesis
  BibleBook bGen = bible.books[0];

  // Get the full name of the book
  String fullName = bGen.fullName;
  print(fullName); // => 'Genesis'

  // Get the shot name of the book
  String shortName = bGen.shortName;
  print(shortName); // => 'Gen'

  // Get the total number of chapters in the book
  int totalChapters = bGen.totalChapters;
  print(totalChapters); // => 50

  // Get the total number of verses in the chapter
  int chapter = 1;
  int totalVerses = bGen.getTotalVerses(chapter);
  print(totalVerses); // => 31

  // Get the verse text only
  int verse = 1;
  String verseText = bGen.getVerse(chapter, verse);
  print(verseText); // => 'In the beginning...'

  // Get the chapter title, or verse title, together with
  // the verse text. See the documentation of the return
  // value in BibleBook
  List<String> sb = bGen.getCompleteVerse(chapter, verse);
  // => 'In the beginning...\n\nChapter 1\nGenesis'

API Doc #

More detailed API documentation available here