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Stateful Bitcoin Cash Wallet management: send and receive transactions from one or multiple wallets and accounts

Bitcoin Cash Wallet for Flutter #

A wallet management library, that does all the basic necessary stuff:

  • generates one or multiple wallets (optionally password protected)
  • creates one or more account in each wallet
  • receive and send transactions
  • imports wallet from a backup
  • works with testnet and mainnet

Built on Bitbox for Flutter, which is built on Bitcoin.com's Bitbox API.

Getting Started #

1) Depend on it #

If you just want to get this from Dart's public package directory:

  bch_wallet: ^0.0.1

If you checked this out from Github, add a local dependency into the pubspec.yaml of your testing or development projet:

    path: <path to the directory>/

2) Import it #

import 'package:bch_wallet/bch_wallet.dart';

3) Use it #

await BchWallet.createWallet(
  defaultAccountName: "wallet's first account",
  name: "new wallet",
  password: "q7PWSLDQduXEvBE"

// get list of all locally stored wallets
List<Wallet> wallets = await BchWallet.getWalletList();

// when using only one wallet in the app, this method will suffice
Wallet newWallet = await BchWallet.getWallet();

// get all wallet's accounts
List<Account> accounts = await newWallet.accounts;

// one account is always created by default for each wallet.
// When using only one account per wallet, this method will suffice
Account firstAccount = await newWallet.getAccount();

// create a second account - password is necessary for password-protected wallets
// because accounts are hardened
newWallet.createAccount("second account", password: "q7PWSLDQduXEvBE");

// the newly created account will be added to the end of the list
Account secondAccount = await newWallet.getAccount(1);

// generate an empty address - if the address was used before (e.g. when the wallet
// is used in some other app, it will be saved with its balance and transactions
// and another one will be generated until an empty one is found)
Address address = await firstAccount.getReceivingAddress();

// Wait until a desired amount is received to the address.
// All functions in this library work with satoshi amounts
List<Transaction> transaction = await address.receive(BchWallet.toSatoshi(0.1));

// This is a getter for overall (balanced + unconfirmed) balance.
int addressBalance = address.balance;

// The library's local storage doesn't distinguish confirmed and unconfirmed balance.
// When you restart the app or retrieve this address in a new state even before the
// receiving tansaction is confirmed, the returned value will look as follows:
int confirmedBalance = address.confirmedBalance;     // 10000000
int unconfirmedBalance = address.unconfirmedBalance; // 0

// To get confirmed and unconfirmed balance state from the blockchain, do this:

// address (and thus account's) balance is always maintained locally for fast retrieval
int accountbalance = await firstAccount.getStoredBalance();

// however, to get account's confirmed and unconfirmed balance, or to check if the
// addresses have not been used in some other app, do this
Map updatedBalance = await firstAccount.getBalanceFromBlockchain();

// to send an amount from the account, first retrieve its utxos. Please store the utxos
// in your state so it doesn't need to be retrieved repeatedly to lower the API load
this.addrsUtxo = await firstAccount.getUtxos();

int amount = firstAccount.getMaxSpendable(this.addrsUtxo);

// when storing the utxos in the state, it is possible to synchronously calculate fee
// after every user's input.
double fee = BchWallet.fromSatoshi(firstAccount.calculateFee(amount, 1, addrsUtxo));

// ready to send
Transaction sendingTx = await firstAccount.send(
  [{"bitcoincash:qqy3au5nur3tn0n4v69xqxa3m72e5ve9rqht7pp0ee" : amount}], addrsUtxo);

// list of transactions (by default ordered from the newest)
List<Transaction> transactions = await firstAccount.getTransactions();
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Stateful Bitcoin Cash Wallet management: send and receive transactions from one or multiple wallets and accounts



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