barcode_validator 0.0.2
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Barcode validator for flutter.

Barcode-Validator #

Barcode validator for flutter. Shamelessly copied from this PHP version:

Getting Started #

# add this line to your dependencies
barcode_validator: ^0.0.1
import 'package:barcode_validator/barcode_validator.dart';

Methods #

bool isValidEAN8(String code)
bool isValidUPCA(String code)
bool isValidEAN13(String code)
bool isValidGLN(String code)
bool isValidEAN14(String code)
bool isValidGSIN(String code)
bool isValidSSCC(String code)
bool isValidISBN(String code)
bool isValidUPCE(String code)
bool isValidIMEI(String code)

// Return possible barcode algorithms
List<String> possibleAlgorithms(String code)
// Check if it can be a valid barcode
bool isValidBarcode(String code)

License #

MIT 2020 Mohamed Elawadi