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A package of useful widgets.

Backstreets Widgets #

Description #

This library contains widgets I personally find useful in my own projects. I uploaded this library to prevent the number of times I had to copy and paste the files it contains.

Package Contents #

Widgets #

Widgets are widgets that should be used within a Scaffold widget.

  • Cancel: A widget that traps the escape key to do something useful. By default it calls context.pop.
  • CenterText: A widget that wraps a Text widget inside Center and Focus widgets.
  • DoubleListTile: A ListTile which displays a double value. The value can be changed with shortcut keys.
  • GetText: A widget that gets text with a simple OnChanged callback.
  • IntListTile: Similar to DoubleListTile, except deals with integers.
  • KeyboardShortcuts: A widget for displaying a list of KeyboardShortcut instances.
  • WithKeyboardShortcuts: A widget that shows a KeyboardShortcuts list with the press of a key.
  • PushWidgetListTile: A ListTile which pushes a widget when tapped.
  • SearchableListView: A list view which is searchable, with a TextFormField located at the top of the list. Shortcuts can be used to navigate the list.
  • TextListTile: A ListTile which displays some text. The text can be edited with GetText when the ListTile is tapped.

Screens #

Screens are widgets with Scaffolds at their root.

  • SelectEnum a SelectItem widget which works exclusively with enums.
  • SelectItem: a SearchableListView which allows the selection of a single item.
  • SimpleScaffold: A Scaffold widget with a simplified syntax.
  • TabbedScaffold: A Scaffold widget which displays multiple tabs at the bottom, and optionally at the top.