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Fork version of Backdrop implementaion in dart. (

backdrop #

Backdrop implementation in flutter.

Fork version of flutter backdrop.

Getting started #

Follow the medium article to Quickly Implement Backdrop in Flutter.

Usage #

BackdropScaffold #

Use BackdropScaffold instead of the standard Scaffold in your app. A backLayer and a frontLayer have to be defined for the backdrop to work.

    title: Text("Backdrop Example"),
    backLayer: Center(
        child: Text("Back Layer"),
    frontLayer: Center(
        child: Text("Front Layer"),
    iconPosition: BackdropIconPosition.leading,
BackdropScaffold example

To use backdrop for navigation, use the provided BackdropNavigationBackLayer as backLayer.

The BackdropNavigationBackLayer contains a property items representing the list elements shown on the back layer. The front layer has to be "manually" set depending on the current index, which can be accessed with the onTap callback.

class _MyAppState extends State<MyApp> {
  int _currentIndex = 0;
  final List<Widget> _frontLayers = [Widget1(), Widget2()];

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return new MaterialApp(
      title: 'Backdrop Demo',
      home: BackdropScaffold(
        title: Text("Backdrop Navigation Example"),
        iconPosition: BackdropIconPosition.leading,
        actions: <Widget>[
            icon: AnimatedIcons.list_view,
        frontLayer: _frontLayers[_currentIndex],
        backLayer: BackdropNavigationBackLayer(
          items: [
            ListTile(title: Text("Widget 1")),
            ListTile(title: Text("Widget 2")),
          onTap: (int position) => {setState(() => _currentIndex = position)},
BackdropNavigationScaffold example

For more information, check out sample code in the example directory

Contribute #

  1. You'll need a gitlab account. (Sorry, if you had to create one!!)
  2. Fork the repository.
  3. Implement features from to-do, fix issues, etc.
  4. Add your name and email in AUTHORS file
  5. Send merge request.
  6. Star this project.
  7. Become a hero!!

Features and bugs #

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.


  • Properly document the usage of the widget in
  • Properly document classes and public methods
  • scaffoldKey provided to access scaffold directly
  • Write an example flutter app to demonstrate options and functionality
  • Using InheritedWIdget for storing controller in state and accessing it throughout
  • Dynamic height for backdrop - based on height of backpanel
  • Fixed height for backdrop - provided in argument of BackdropScaffold
  • BackdropNavigation : Using backpanel for navigation
  • BackdropTitle : Different title for backpanel and frontpanel visibility
  • BackdropAction : Action with view in backpanel
  • subheader argument (optional) in BackdropScaffol
  • BackdropToggle : widget to fling backdrop anywhere inside the scaffol
  • BackdropButton : widget that build button with BackdropToggle with default menu_close icon. Can directly be used in actions.
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Fork version of Backdrop implementaion in dart. (

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