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AWS API client for AWS Data Exchange (generated from SDK API specification).

AWS API client for AWS Data Exchange #

Warning: This is a generated library, some operations may not work.

About the service: AWS Data Exchange is a service that makes it easy for AWS customers to exchange data in the cloud. You can use the AWS Data Exchange APIs to create, update, manage, and access file-based data set in the AWS Cloud.

As a subscriber, you can view and access the data sets that you have an entitlement to through a subscription. You can use the APIS to download or copy your entitled data sets to Amazon S3 for use across a variety of AWS analytics and machine learning services.

As a provider, you can create and manage your data sets that you would like to publish to a product. Being able to package and provide your data sets into products requires a few steps to determine eligibility. For more information, visit the AWS Data Exchange User Guide.

A data set is a collection of data that can be changed or updated over time. Data sets can be updated using revisions, which represent a new version or incremental change to a data set. A revision contains one or more assets. An asset in AWS Data Exchange is a piece of data that can be stored as an Amazon S3 object. The asset can be a structured data file, an image file, or some other data file. Jobs are asynchronous import or export operations used to create or copy assets.

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AWS API client for AWS Data Exchange (generated from SDK API specification).

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