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An avatar widget that uses the best available data source among those provided (social images, gravatar, name initials, custom)

avatars #

pub package

A complete avatar widget with a priority & fallback system which allows you to specify multiple image sources like socials (Facebook, Instagram, GitHub, Gravatar) and custom providers (assets and network) or to use text (name initials or custom values).

The widget will automatically find the best available image/text source among those provided.

Avatars examples

Installation #

In your pubspec.yaml file within your Flutter Project:

   avatars: ^2.0.0

Usage #

Basic - text #

import 'package:avatars/avatars.dart';

Avatar(name: 'Alberto Fecchi'),
Avatar(value: '89'),

Using name property, the widget displays up to two initial letters found in the provided string. Using value property, the widget displays the exact provided string.

Avatar's background is calculated from a default list of Color(). You can use a custom set of colors using placeholderColors:

    name: 'Alberto Fecchi',
    placeholderColors: [

Basic - images #

An image source is an object used to generate, from local or remote sources, an ImageProvider() that will be used to show a picture inside the widget.

The sources list in Avatar() widget can contain multiple image sources: here, the priority & fallback system shows its power. If the first image source fails, the widget will try with the next one until a valid image source is found. If there are no sources available, the widget will use name or value data as seen in the previous example.

    sources: [

Here's the complete set of available image sources:

Socials #


Since Sep. 2020, to retrieve a user's profile picture by its ID from Facebook, you must make the request with an App Token or an Access Token. You can find more details here.

  FacebookSource(String facebookId, String appToken, [int size = 300])


You can retrieve a GitHub profile image from user's username.

  GitHubSource(String username, [int size = 300])


You can retrieve a Gravatar using the user e-mail address or its hash.

  GravatarSource(String identifier, [int size = 300])


You can retrieve an Instagram profile picture using a username.

  InstagramSource(String username, [int size = 300])

Remote and local sources #


You can retrieve an image from any remote source.

  NetworkSource(String url)


GenericSource is generally used as a jolly image source: you can pass an ImageProvider() to show a picture.

  GenericSource(ImageProvider image)

Shape, dimension, border and color #

You can pass an AvatarShape() object to the widget using the shape property. The AvatarShape class provides two helper methods: circle(double radius) and rectangle(double width, double height, [BorderRadius borderRadius = BorderRadius.zero]).

Avatar(name: 'Alberto Fecchi', shape: AvatarShape.circle(50)),
Avatar(name: 'Alberto Fecchi', shape: AvatarShape.rectangle(100, 100, BorderRadius.all(new Radius.circular(20.0)))),

Here's a list of other parameters which allows you to change the appearance of your avatars:

Parameter Type Default Description
backgroundColor Color Colors.transparent The background color used when the image is loading and/or when you load a transparent PNG.
border Border null You can pass a Border object here. Ex. Border.all(color: Colors.blue, width: 3).
elevation double 0 The standard Material elevation.
loader Widget Center(child: CircularProgressIndicator()) You can pass any custom Widget to replace the default loader.
shadowColor Color If null then the ambient CardTheme's shadowColor is used. If that's null too, then the overall theme's ThemeData.shadowColor (default black) is used. The color to paint the shadow below the avatar.
textStyle TextStyle TextStyle(color: Colors.white, fontSize: height / 2); The TextStyle used when your widget uses text values from name or value parameters.

Gestures #

You can use onTap to pass a callback function:

 onTap: () {

Cache #

This package uses flutter_cache_manager as dependency. The useCache set to true enables cache for every remote image request, improving performances. The default cache expiration is set to 7 days.

 useCache: true

Suggestions, improvements, issues and more #

Have you used this package in your project?

Say hello with a tweet!

Wanna improve this package?

The library source code lives inside the demo project on GitHub. Fork it and work! ;)

Need support?

Feel free to contact me at alberto.fecchi@gmail.com or just open an issue on the official repository on GitHub.

License #

MIT License - Copyright (c) Alberto Fecchi

Full license here

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An avatar widget that uses the best available data source among those provided (social images, gravatar, name initials, custom)

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